10 Supply Chain and Warehousing Trends Right Now

Due to recent COVID-19 events, everything has changed in the world. That also goes for the approach toward industries that are managing warehouses and supply chain organizations. Everything is getting started to get upgraded, and most organizations are trying to keep up with recent trends. That also goes for warehouse Saudi Arabia, which is using the most advanced supply chain and warehousing trends. And that is what we’re going to discuss in this article, so you can keep up with the recent trends. To be informed and make the right decision when it comes to using these specific services. You also should be aware that we also suggest that you do research on your own. Just to be sure, what are you getting into, and how to get the best possible service for your needs.

The supply chain and warehousing trends

There is a big battle going on within the industries across the globe when it comes to this specific topic. Of course, the battle for more customers that will use these services. Shipping and logistics companies are trying to attract more clients, and the best way to do so is to follow the trends within the technology and of course the competitive pricing. We made a list of the 10 supply chain and warehousing trends right now and made an overview of those trends.

Man handling the machine.
The machines will soon replace the humans, especially in warehouses.

Here is the list of the trends regarding warehousing and supply chain:

  • One of the most popular supply chain and warehousing trends is cloud-based management software – Cloud is the future, but also many companies still use a supply chain software and rely on them. Everything will move to virtual storage in the near future. This will offer you more flexibility, scalability, and a global reach. That will also cut your expenses since you won’t have a need for expensive on-premise computing infrastructure.
  • Automation – Warehouses are actually big spaces that just have the need for implementation of automation. The machines are slowly replacing the man. The number of driverless machines which include drones, forklifts, and trucks is rising. And that is all due to the rise of Omni Channel demand. The warehouse Riyadh is following those trends and is well-equipped. They will handle your goods with care and make sure to deliver them to your desired location.
  • Advanced analytics – This is also among the trends that will probably continue to grow. This will help your organization or organizations in general, as it will give you a much clearer overview of the whole process and what needs to be done better in the future.

Other supply chain and warehousing trends that you need to be aware of

Of course, we mentioned the top 3 trends that will happen or already happen in certain organizations.  If you are having goods and looking for a shipping to Saudi Arabia, you should make a detailed search regarding the warehouses.  Those warehouses should provide you the storage, and security and should also make you a good deal price-wise.

Cybersecurity is really an important and also very delicate thing that warehouses should be aware of. And protecting those networks from possible cyberattacks can be a challenge. Organizations should always invest in firewalls and advanced anti-hacking technologies. Due to the digitalization of the supply chain, the growth in IoT, and also the fact that companies have greater availability of customer data, Big Data is definitely here. That in general means that due to all that data, companies can generate a range of information. In order to understand the past performances and better predict the future trends.

Line of code.
Invest in advanced anti-hacking technologies.

You should also be aware that due to the Big Data, companies will start to invest more in AI and machine learning. This will automate procedures and have a huge impact on simplifying almost every task. Also, you will benefit from it as it will improve planning that will also manage your inventory among the many processes. Integrated 3PL Services have a huge potential as e-commerce continues to expand. The customer of course dictates the rules, and that is why businesses are using more trucks and more freight brokerage capabilities.

Find the right company for you

This is not an easy task. You will have to make huge and detailed research regarding this one. You have to know your priorities and needs, and that is where you should start. The Four Winds Saudi Arabia will provide security for your goods or things, and make sure that everything will arrive at the desired location without any damage. They also provide services to different industries, in case you are a company and have the need for storage they will provide it.  They also have different shipping methods which you can use for transporting your goods or belongings. You can transport your shipment via air cargo, rail, or sea. The choice is up to you and depends on your items of course.

Cargo ship with containers.
There are many ways you can transport your cargo overseas, via air rail or sea.

Another important thing is of course the pricing, especially regarding the shipping method you choose. You can always ask for discounts like bulk shipping. It will reduce your rates. You should also make sure to check the cargo’s weight, because some carriers have limits. Always check the weight, just to be sure to be within the regulations. Always check if a company offers insurance, especially if you are using one of the above-mentioned shipping methods. It can happen that your items may get damaged during the trip, that is why this is really a must.  That way you will get reimbursed for your items if, of course, something happens to them.


Keeping up with the supply chain and warehousing trends can be really challenging. It also takes time to process and implement the new trends. One is for sure, certain, the machines are slowly replacing the human in this industry. And from your customer perspective, it will be challenging to find the right company that will provide you with relocation or transportation of goods, or even storage options.

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