3 reasons why your shipments might be late

The shipping industry’s accuracy depends on many different factors. Still, everything is precisely arranged to avoid delays and all other possible issues. This means that the arrival of your shipment depends on how this complicated mechanism works overall.  If just one of its components fails, you will probably wait for your shipment longer than you expected. Unfortunately, there aren’t many things that you can do to influence this process and elude delays, except maybe to hire logistics companies in Yanbu or some other reputable and highly experienced company. A good company will predict possible issues and do everything to avoid your delivery delays. However, there are many possible reasons why your shipments might be late. So, sometimes even the best companies in the business will not be able to help.

Severe weather occurrences are one of the most common reasons why your shipment might be late

Bad weather is one of the most usual reasons why your shipments might be late. If you are sending a sea cargo from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, estimated delivery time will not be shorter than ten days. Even though, heavy storms are not that often in the Arabian Sea. They could slow down your ship. Especially during a cyclone season.

The cyclone season in the Arabian Sea has no distinct bounds. However, if your cargo is traveling between March and December (particularly from April to November), weather-related delays could happen. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it. Except to avoid a bad weather period. Or send your items by air.

Ship during a bad weather
Bad weather will slow down your ship

Troubles at customs might be the reason for your shipment delivery delay

Another common reason for shipment delay is troubles at customs. Customs clearance is a complicated system. The passing of your shipment depends on many factors. From such trivial complications like the country’s holiday season Or congestions. To more serious matters like failing to pay customs fees. Or lack of complete documentation.

How to avoid troubles at customs

Luckily, there are ways to avoid customs clearance related delays. First, learn about the holiday seasons. Especially in countries that your shipment is passing through. Maybe your shipment is stuck in a congested Bahrain customs clearance. A well-connected and experienced freight forwarder could help you to get your consignment quicker. Finally, paying fees and having complete documentation, depends on you. And your freight forwarder’s knowledge, communication and foreboding. Make sure that you are working with a professional.

Pirates could be one of the reasons why your shipments might be late

Pirate attacks sound like something from historical movies. However, maybe your ship is passing close to the Somali coast. Then it can be one of the reasons why your shipments might be late. Unfortunately, not only late. If  Somali pirates intercept your vessel, most of the time, you can say goodbye to your cargo. If you can, avoid these routes. Or use plains to send your cargo.

Luckily, reports from 2019 say that pirate activity is decreasing. However, they still remain a serious threat to international trade in this part of the world.

Rusty Somali pirate boat
Pirate attacks could be one of the reasons why your shipments might be late

Find a good company to work with

Those are the 3 reasons why your shipments might be late. Of course, there are many more. However, one thing can help you with all of them.  That is to make sure that you are using the services of an experienced shipping company. Try to locate one before you start shipping. It will make all the difference.

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