Things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring

Saudi Arabia’s new decision to open its doors to foreign tourists has brought a great deal of excitement to the travel industry. A vast and formerly largely closed country is now there to be enjoyed. So what things are there to do in Saudi Arabia this spring? Why would you hire a logistics company in Dammam and go there at all, in fact? It’s not really a budget destination like South East Asia, after all. It’s blazingly hot for eight months of the year. You’ll find no political freedom there, no free speech. But there’s no alcohol, no mingling between the sexes. And there is a much-criticized human rights record. But there a lot of fun things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring. So read on for a full list.

Camel and two men
There is a new, multi-billion dollar tourism promotion scheme. So things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring are very much on the map.

Saudi Arabia has a far more diverse in landscape and scenery than you might imagine.

Geographically, the majority of the country is desert. But you will also find soaring, juniper-clad, 9,900ft high mountains of the Asir in the south-west. There are also the azure reefs of the Red Sea. The date palm oasis in Al-Hofuf. Or the winding backstreets and spice markets in Jeddah. So here is a great deal if you need pallet racking Saudi Arabia services. Now we can give you a shortlist of our favorite places to visit and things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring.


This steamy, Red Sea trading port used to be the capital up until 1982. Then it moved to Riyadh. Jeddah today is a booming and culturally rich melting pot where every race of the Red Sea has found a home.
It is an extremely warm, open-air city where Egyptians sit at café tables, puffing on shisha water pipes and enjoy a game of backgammon beneath the street lights. Yemeni tailors sit cross-legged in clothing shops selling their products late into the night. At the same time Somali, Eritrean and

  • Djiboutian women put out displays of spices in the street market.
    In the winding, cobbled backstreets of the old district, the Balad, it’s very normal to hear the language of the Ethiopian highlands mix with Arabic and Hindi.
  • Jeddah is the gateway to Mecca and Medina for the Hajj pilgrimage. Two and a half million Muslims each year pass  Jeddah. Moving further up the coast, you’ll find the most exciting things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring-like beach resorts and scuba diving opportunities. Although you should know that many of the offshore coral reefs have been destroyed in recent years.

Asir Mountains

There are expatriates who live in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade yet never visit this gem! It is one of the most beautiful things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring, just down in the far south-west corner of the country, next to Yemen. Well, if you skip it, you are really missing a treat. Its landscape is lush and verdant, even throughout the hot summer.
An estimated 500,000 wild Hamadryas baboons thrive in the mountains, along with side hornbills, eagles, and beautiful blue agamid lizards. The landscape is full of basalt stone watchtowers, a memory of the history of the tribal fighting that took place here a century ago.

Cable car
In recent years the region has opened up to domestic tourism, with a cable car descending from the lofty heights to a picturesque hillside village called Rijal al-Ma’.

In the Wadi Habala canyon, which got its name after the rope that used to lower provisions down the cliff, you can enjoy breathtaking views over the hazy mountain ridges that slope towards the Red Sea.

Things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring: Mada’in Saleh

Visiting the ancient Nabataean ruins in the far northwest of the country is one of the most remarkable things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring. Not just for their preserved carvings reminiscent of Petra in Jordan to the north, but also for their mesmerizing desert setting. For years the Saudi authorities largely kept Mada’in Saleh a secret because the religious fundamentalists didn’t want to promote something that was older than the pre-Islamic civilization. Which is known in Arabic as “the Age of Ignorance”. Under the new, multi-billion dollar tourism promotion scheme, things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring will be very much on the map.

Things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring: Al-Hofuf

This dazzling date palm oasis of al-Hofuf covers a large area in eastern Saudi Arabia. Which is said to be the largest of its kind in the world. The dates form a lush green world of streams and gardens.
But one of the most spectacular things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring is the ghostly cave complex inside al-Qarah Mountain. The attraction was registered in 2018 as a Unesco cultural heritage site.
These natural caves were created by wind and water erosion. You will need to climb a little to get into them but are assure you they are well worth the effort. Especially because they are significantly cooler than the heat outside.

Hotel room
Unmarried couples can now share hotel rooms, breaking a longstanding taboo in this religiously conservative Islamic society

A word of warning about the things to do in Saudi Arabia this spring:

Saudis normally have open arms for foreign visitors but this new openness does not come free of risks. When two very different civilizations come into contacts such as the liberal West and conservative Saudi Arabiayou can always expect a chance of a misunderstanding or offense happening.
You should never photograph women in public since Saudi husbands are fiercely protective of their wives’ modesty. Outside the main cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Eastern Province many locals have never had any sort of contact with Westerners. So you can expect them to be suspicious, especially when cameras and phones are around. Just be careful after we relocate you and always ask permission from the locals.  We wish you luck and have a nice relocation!

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