5 facts about winter in Saudi Arabia

Winter, some people think that it is the most beautiful part of the year. However, if you are visiting Saudi Arabia you cannot expect to go ice skating and snowboarding. Winter in Saudi Arabia has its charms, but it is usually in the form of relief after a boiling hot summer. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia and you are tired of dealing with shipping and logistics companies, maybe the Saudi winter will help you to relax. Here are the 5 facts about winter in Saudi Arabia that visitors should know.

Winter in Saudi Arabia is nothing like in the US

Winter in Saudi Arabia is not your typical American winter. You cannot expect to make a snowman or go snowboarding. The temperatures are pleasant, especially comparing to the boiling hot summers. And the winter is welcomed as a time to take a break from hot summer days. Even though it can be cold sometimes, do not bring to many winter clothes or you will look odd when you get to the Saudi Arabia customs clearance.

Do not pack too many winter clothes if you are visiting Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabians know how snow and freezing temperatures feel like

Even though everyone thinks that people of Saudi Arabia have never experienced snow or freezing temperatures, you need to know that this is not true. Every year Saudi Arabia gets its share of snow, hail, and rain. Of course, as an American, you may think that this is nothing. But Saudi Arabian surely know how snow feels like. And every place, from Riyadh to Tabuk experience a different winter each year.

The coldest months in Saudi Arabia are December and January

The winter season peak in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is from December to the end of January. This is the time of the year when you can expect to have light precipitation in the form of light snow, rain, and even hail. And if you are visiting the Kingdom at this time of the year prepare some appropriate clothes.

You can experience summer and winter in the same day

Temperatures can significantly vary during the winter. Because this is a desert climate, the difference between day and night can be huge. You can experience almost summer temperatures during the day, and freezing temperatures during the night.

thermometer variations
You can experience summer and winter in the same day

Turaif holds the record when it comes to winter in Saudi Arabia

Turaif is a small town in Northern Borders Province of Saudi Arabia, close to the border with Jordan. And it is a place that holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Kingdom. The temperature was 10.4°F and it was the coldest temperature in the whole peninsula. Abha and Hail are also places that can experience freezing temperatures, but even though they are situated on higher grounds; they are not the coldest places in Saudi Arabia.

Those are the things you need to know about winter here. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia, make sure that you prepare a few sets of warmer clothes. Just in case.

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