5 Questions To Ask Before Renting Warehouse Space

There are many reasons why people decide to rent a storage space. Among these are moving, storage space, office space, and so on. Of course, taking into consideration the vast amount of storage options, there are also some things you should know before picking one out. So we decided to help you pick the best warehouse in Saudi Arabia, by telling you 5 questions to ask before renting warehouse space.

How much will it cost is the first of many questions to ask before renting warehouse space

Among all questions to ask before renting warehouse space, this is the one shown as the most important one. As there are many relocation companies in Jeddah, there are also many warehouse options they offer. Among them, there are many similarities, but the price is often not one of them. So always ask about the price on time. You can also ask about discounts or freebies. As some spaces will offer a free month on longer leases. Don’t forget to look into your lease before signing. There are two types of leases.

  • The gross lease – This means you pay for everything while renting(electricity, water, sewage, etc)
  • The net lease – This means you only pay for the warehouse space.
A woman sitting in a warehouse.
Looking around the warehouse prior to signing any leases is always smart!

The deposit information is one of the questions to ask before renting warehouse space

Sending your cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia is easy, but having space to store it can be tricky without the proper information. When signing a lease many warehouses ask for a deposit. This is usually one month’s rent. But in some cases, it can be more than that. So ask on time about the deposit information.

What is the cancellation policy?

There are different cancellation policies warehouses offer. No matter what type of warehouse you found, even if it is an air conditioned warehouse, you should be informed about the cancellation options prior to signing anything. Why is it important? Some places will require a 6-month in advance cancellation, while others will charge you for it. Some might even require you to pay a full year in advance if you wish to cancel.

A woman looking for 5 questions to ask before renting warehouse space.
You can find 5 questions to ask before renting warehouse space online before actually entering the warehouse.

Who is responsible for repairs?

When looking to pick the perfect warehouse, repairs are important to think about. Of course, if you need just a short-term storage option then warehouses might not be what you need. But let’s say you rent a warehouse and notice some damages on the exterior or on the inside. Who will cover the cost of repairs? Usually, the landlord covers the exterior. However, you will be responsible for any interior damages and repairs.

What is the signing process?

There are some landlords that will require you to sign a non-compete clause when listing. Of course, there will be others that will not ask for it. What does this mean? Well, usually it means that you can’t run firms similar to the one in the industrial space. So, this should be one of the first questions to ask before renting warehouse space.

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