5 Steps Shippers Can Take to Mitigate Rising Fuel Surcharges

Day by day the cost of fuel continues to hit record-breaking numbers. This means people all across the world pay more every time they go to the pump. Also, the transportation industry has been impacted. Every time careers need to fill up their trucks, they need to pay more. All this makes things harder for shippers from all across the globe. The biggest challenge for shippers is dealing with fuel surcharges which present additional fees charged by carriers when the price of fuel exceeds a certain threshold. For this reason, shippers need to find ways to mitigate rising fuel surcharges and meet customers’ expectations as much as they could. To help you cope with this global shipping challenge, our experts from the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia will share with you some useful tips. Stay with us and learn to navigate the effects of currently rising fuel surcharges.

Consolidate shipments to mitigate rising fuel surcharges

Turbulence in the global transportation field could force you to embrace different dynamics of conducting your business. Even if your company is known for regular deliveries every week, now it is time to consider different transportation strategies. Our freight forwarders in Riyadh advise you to consider consolidating your freight. That means you should prepare to ship with less frequency than you used to. In case your company ships frequently to the same areas and addresses, this will be a very efficient strategy. It will allow you to easily organize your shipping schedule and consolidate many of your upcoming shipments. It is a proven way to reduce rising fuel surcharges.

A person thinking about ways to mitigate rising fuel surcharges while looking at shipping containers.
Find a way to unify shipments and mitigate rising fuel surcharges.

Cooperate with carriers and plan the best routes

Since fuel costs constantly rise, finding the best routes for shippers is more and more important. For that reason, you need to work with logistics services international and optimize the routes you will opt for. Your priorities should be planning for the shortest mileage and avoiding common rush hour times. This will help you minimize fuel usage and mitigate rising fuel surcharges.

Know what services you need and reduce rising fuel surcharges

Even if we can not do anything to decrease expenses for fuel, we can take care of other shipping aspects. Before you appoint your next shipment, our international movers and packers in Riyadh recommend you consider your needs. Will you need additional services such as the tailgate, residential delivery, or limited access delivery? If possible, try to arrange deliveries around locations where these services are not needed. This will help you decrease fuel expenses and optimize overall shipping costs.

A person using a laptop
Be wise when choosing additional services.

Double-check your paperwork and plan your next shipment

Now more than ever is important for you to provide accurate documentation for your shipment. Unluckily, incomplete and incorrect paperwork can stall your shipments. This will only increase your shipment costs and you will not be able to provide the service. For this reason, take the advice from our logistics experts in Saudi Arabia and enlist checking documents as an inevitable part of every shipping process. Also, try to utilize available space and optimize the transportation mode. All these steps will help you mitigate rising fuel surcharges. We wish you an efficient and cost-effective shipping experience!

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