6 Quick Tips for Packing Liquids

Packing liquids could be the most challenging when packing for moving. Not only that those are extremely destructive, but also usually are packed into glass bottles. So, it is not easy to pack them properly and protect the glass to prevent spiling simultaneously. However, you should be careful when packing liquids for one more reason. Most liquids are banned in many countries, like hazardous liquids or poison. For those reasons, packing should follow international regulations. Professional moving companies in Saudi Arabia will surely help organize transporting and packing in this case.

Packing liquids demand preparation

You cannot simply put bottles full of liquids into the boxes and expect nothing bad to happen. There is a strict regulation about transporting liquid, especially when they are dangerous and harmful. In some cases, you will maybe need to prepare special documentation.

Spilling water
Packing liquids is difficult because they can make a mess

Take an inventory list

It is important to know that packing items is more than having boxes. You should prevent all possible problems and damages. Also, you will be unable to control packing if you do not make an inventory list.

  • The inventory list will prevent loss of the bottles (or show if some bottle is missing);
  • There are a lot of ways to protect items from damage, but packaging companies in Saudi Arabia know that most of them include proper packing material;
  • Packing liquids is extremely important if you have hazardous liquids with the proper license.

Pack liquid together

Although putting bottles together in the same place may feel a little dangerous, it is not that stupid idea. On long trips, professional companies that organize moving to Jeddah will separate them from each other by using soft materials. Keeping together will help you to prevent loss and other damages. Also, you will have all bottles in one place for easier control.

Use the right packing material

You will need proper packing material when packing bottles for the trip. Professional warehouse Saudi Arabia also recommend using only professional packing material. However, you should have a sturdy box with a double bottom and proper tape to close the box. Also, you will need to use soft materials or plastic wrap between the bottles to prevent scratches and damage. Do not forget to label boxes properly.

Get rid of the spare items

Although you feel you need to take everything with you, it is much better to get rid of the bottles you do not use anymore. Primarily you should throw away liquids from opened bottles and use them for a short time. They could spill during transport and make a mess.

Pay attention to safety

Although most liquids will not seriously damage your package, it is important to protect from spilling during transportation. Great packing methods will save your items and boxes from damage. Make sure that you have been informed about it properly. You will need to learn about hazardous substances more.

Close the bottles

Although it seems obvious, many people forget on most important fact when packing bottles. You will need to close bottles properly with a double cap. If you do not have them, you can open the bottle, put on plastic wrap, and seal it with the cap again. It will save your items during transport from spilling if that happens.

A bottle
You should use good cap and a plastic to seal the bottle

You can use bigger packages for liquids

If you have a few bottles with the same type of liquid, you can use a larger box for them. You only need to put everything in the same bottle and seal it properly. It is worth the same liquids, obviously, and for the best bottles, you can use. Packing liquid that way could be much easier.

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