A quick guide on engine shipping crates

Shipping an engine is not something that you normally do every day. So, when the time comes to ship an engine, you need to know how to do it properly. One of the ways to do it properly is to pack your engine in a suitable engine shipping crate. And, you need to do it before you call one of the logistic companies in Bahrain to come and pick it up. Packing your engine in specially designed engine shipping crate will ensure that the engine will be is safe and secure during transportation.  There are many places on the internet where you can buy engine shipping crates. On the other hand, if you are handy with the tools you can easily build a crate for your engine.

Engine shipping crates in a shipping container loading on a truck
Find a company with experience in shipping engines

Finding a shipping company with experience in shipping engines

The first thing to do when you are trying to ship an engine is to find a good shipping company. Not many Bahrain shipping companies are capable of properly shipping engines to Saudi Arabia. Therefore, you will need to find a company that has some previous experience with shipping engines.

Search the internet to find reliable companies that do air freight to Saudi Arabia. Pick a few companies that look reliable and ask for their advice on preparing your engine for shipping. Maybe they already have suitable crates, in which case you do not have to do anything.

However, because of the great variety in engine sizes and shapes, there is not a big chance for such an outcome. And you will most probably have to crate your engine on your own.

An engine close up
Know your engine

Know your engine characteristics before you start searching for engine shipping crates

When you are trying to ship an engine, you will have to know its model name, size, and weight.  There are many different engine shipping crates for different engine models. Therefore, you will search for crate in which you can fit your engine.

There are engine shipping crates made from plastic, wood, and metal. But plastic crates are usually the best choice, as they usually have cradle at the bottom that perfectly suits the shape of your engine to prevent moving during transportation.

If you are shipping an aircraft engine, for example, there are metal shipping crates that are specially prepared for shipping aircraft engines. Therefore, to pack your engine successfully you will have to find the crate that suits your engine as close as possible.

Different types of engine shipping crates

Luckily, some companies manufacture durable plastic engine shipping crates. Therefore, you can easily find the crate that suits your engine. And because of the great variety in engine sizes and shapes, there are many different kinds of shipping crates.

The list of different engine shipping crates

  • The V-8 Small Block Crate is made for small block Chevy and it is perfect for shipping engines in a truck trailer or via aircraft.
  • A V-8 Small Block Crate with raised top is the same as the above version but it has room for sprint car engines with injectors.
  • The V-8 Small Block Short Block Crate has the same base but is 4” shorter for engines that do not have intake or cylinder head.
  • The Small Block Crate with “Bell Housing” is another version of the same crate but with a small modification to fit a bell housing transmission.
  • The Big Block Crate is designed for big block and small block Ford Windsor, Chevy, and GM engines.
  • The Ultra Large Crate can accommodate larger “Pro Stock” engines with billet heads and tall intakes.
  • The Chevy Bare Block Crate is a crate for 350-400 Chevy engines.
  • The Go Kart Engine Crate can accommodate a wide range of smaller engines.
  • The Universal engine Crate is great for packing disassembled engines and parts. If you are planning to keep it in a storage Saudi Arabia, this is a perfect crate for it.
Wooden engine shipping crate
Construct a wooden crate for your engine

Construct a crate

If none of the above options is suitable for your type of engine, you can build your custom engine shipping crate. Of course, to be able to do it you will need to have some tools and materials. You can use an online calculator to help you to determine the dimensions of a crate you are building and the thickness of materials you will need to use.  But unfortunately, it won’t do any physical work. That part is on you.

First, you will need to get a cradle in the form of a steel frame that will hold your engine in place. The cradle must fit your engine type.  Also, you will need a wooden pallet, strong enough to hold the weight of your engine. And wooden boards and OSB or plywood sheets. Take a wooden pallet, and screw in the OSB sheet on top of it. That is the place which will carry the weight of your engine, so make sure that your construction is strong enough.

Next is the cradle. Screw it exactly in the middle of the pallet. Be careful that everything is centered and secured. If it is, you can lift your engine in the cradle.

After you nest the engine in the cradle, strap it tightly with at least four load straps. That will be enough to secure it from moving inside the crate.

Next, build a construction around the engine and use plywood for walls. And, after your box is complete, use plastic straps to additionally tighten everything. That is it. Your custom engine shipping crate is ready.

Make sure that your engine shipping crates are secure enough

Whatever type of engine shipping crates you decide to use, the most important part is to make sure that your engine cannot move while in the crate. Plastic engine shipping crates have specially designed holes for screwing them to a shipping container or a truck trailer. So think about that before you start constructing your crate.  Talk to freight forwarding companies in Bahrain and see what type of shipping crates they will recommend for your engine. Maybe they have some better solutions.

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