Air cargo peak season explained

It is time to talk about air cargo peak season. Because air freight’s annual autumn and winter peak season has arrived. And, it is important to say that it arrived a month early. There are many reasons for it. Due to a combination of factors. Those factors include manufacturing production delays and ocean freight turmoil. As well as Covid-related air capacity reductions and regional lockdowns too. The peak season for air cargo usually arrives in the second half of September. This end-of-year surge is a result of a very busy end of the year. Which includes the traditional retail festive season. If you are concerned about your air cargo, don’t worry. Because national shipping company of Saudi Arabia is here to explain to you the air cargo peak season.

There are increasing rates by the day in the air cargo peak season

This is all connected to global trading. And they are causing insecurity for the air freight market. Hence, many airlines are increasing their rates by the day. There is also a reduction in capacity from export cargo from Europe. Because many carriers are canceling scheduled cargo flights. And it is all due to aircrew restrictions. There is also information that passenger-driven demands have still not returned to the previous state. Hence the long-haul market looks uncertain and doubtful for the rest of the year. So, as a result, we see a continued dependence on cargo-only capacity. If you are in need to transport air freight, you can consult air cargo Bahrain for your transportation.

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There are increasing rates during the air cargo peak season

 Air cargo peak season

Since the air cargo peak season is earlier this year, you should know the reasons. Here we will mention just a few of them:

  • Pilot shortages
  • Changing from sea to air freight
  • Challenges

If you are not sure about transporting your goods, you can always contact our logistic team to help you.

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Get all the information about air cargo peak season

Pilot shortages

Due to the pandemic, there are pilot shortages. This is adding to the air freight pressures in the market. Because of the ongoing disturbance to the global supply chain, there are concerns about fulfilling orders. It is supposed to be an increase in demand for dedicated cargo flights. From major retailers who are trying to minimize disturbances to their global supply chain. And also to continue fulfilling their customers’ needs.  

Conversion from sea freight

Another major factor is that there is a conversion from sea freight to air freight. Because sea freight is going through major delays in shipping. It is due to a short supply of available containers. And also, costs are at their highest. All of that is driving further interest in air freight. It is known that sea freight continues to run beyond maximum capacity. Hence aircraft cargo is close to being completely booked. During the period between September and the end of the year. If you are still unsure about how to transport your items, you can also check the availability with customs clearing agents in Bahrain to aid you.

Extremely challenging air cargo peak season

These reasons, like increasing capacity and elevated prices, continue to be the main factors of the air cargo market these days. You should bear in mind that it is currently an air cargo peak season. Hence, if you are planning to relocate by plane, make sure to be fully informed.

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