Air cargo rules and restrictions to consider

You should be aware of air cargo rules and restrictions before shipping items by plane. Although there are legislation and regulations that IATA registered policy presumes, every transportation company has its conditions. However, you should also keep in mind that there are items that the transportation company will refuse to transport in any circumstances. There are also things that you should pay attention to:

  • Air cargo presumes extra costs in every situation;
  • You should fulfill certain conditions that the company has;
  • Before choosing this option, you can also check alternatives like train, car or not shipping at all;
  • There are reasons to transport or not every item you have, so consider the pros and cons list;
  • Every company has air cargo rules and restrictions so check them first.
A plane with workers
There are many ways to carry your cargo by plane

Whatever the reason for shipping items by airplane, you should consider all the conditions and rules in advance. Not only that you could save money and time, but also spare yourself unexpected and not planned nerve cracking.

Consider all costs and money-saving before air shipping

Air cargo rules and restrictions include a special price for that service. So, whatever the items you want to ship by plane, think twice before that step. There are many situations when you can choose another type of transportation. Price of this service could be a reason for giving up this type of transportation.

Prepare for extra costs

Whatever the good you want to ship is, the air company will charge additional fees. Air cargo rules and restrictions mean that you could pay extra for your particular cargo. Since it is usually an international relocation service, costs could be even higher. So, do not forget the budget you have set before you even start searching for a company.

Weight and size

Weight and size always affect the price. If your cargo is more massive than common cargo in airplanes, you will pay more. So, before looking for the most favorable company, check the weight of your cargo first.

Type of shipping

Air company could ship your cargo along with other ones, resulting in smaller price. In that case, you will maybe have an obligation to prepare, pack or ensure your cargo. It is the official air cargo rule in most of the companies.

A truck with cargo at airport
You should follow important rules about air cargo

High-value items

In case that you bring high-value items, the company will charge more. Not only that you should prepare your items, but you should also consider taking insurance.

Urgent shipping

We are sure that you will precisely organize your moving. However, in case that you must move urgently, the air company will charge you urgent shipping.

Compare companies

Although air cargo rules and restrictions are usually the same in every air company, prices might not. On the other hand, you can compare conditions and offers they have before shipping. You may get an extra discount if you pack on your own, for example.

Some companies could charge more for extra service

There are items that companies will not accept to transport. In other situations they could accept, but for additional costs.

Standard air cargo rules and restrictions

Every company has their rules, so check them first. You should know that there will always be items that the company will refuse to transport. The different companies mostly have standardized lists of items that they do not ship at all.


Every company has its rules when packing is about. However, most of those rules are the same in every company. You should pay particular attention to packing in every circumstance. Cargo transportation presumes protection and safety.

A plane with cargo space
Every company will provide you rules and restrictions about air cargo

Check air company website first

Every company has air cargo rules and restrictions on their site. In case you have specific questions or demands, you can contact them. Their workers will find the best option for you.

Certain atmosphere conditions

Some items demand special atmospheric conditions. Those are mostly antiques or unique materials. Do not worry; you can take them with you, but only in special conditions. You must warn the company if your cargo demands special conditions when transporting. It could cost more, but it will protect your items.

Hazardous ingredients

Every company must care about the safety of their planes and passengers. There are no companies that will accept to transport your items if they are dangerous or hazardous. You must tell the company what you want to transport. However, if your items could be damaged when transporting, you should warn the company about that.

Dangerous items will always be on lists that companies do not ship

Companies have to think about safety first. That is why they have made lists of items that they will never ship due to their dangerous potential. However, you can always check the list of 9 categories of dangerous goods before consulting a company.

Dangerous goods are not allowed in any air company

You should know that there are items that any company will transport. Those are mostly on the list of hazardous goods, although you can assume which of them are on the list.


There are many liquids that you cannot transport with you in any circumstances. On that list are acids, aerosols, pesticides, and ethanol. Not only that those can damage cargo space in the plane, but they could also release harmful gases and smells.

Flammable materials

Among the highly dangerous materials are gasoline and oil. You cannot transport those materials in airplanes. After strict regulations in air traffic, you cannot bring them as personal baggage in a plane either.


You cannot transport a car battery on a plane. The reason is acid that battery contains. You cannot control possible leakage from those batteries, especially not in an airplane. For those reasons, car ion batteries are not on the list of allowed items. That is one of the strict air cargo rules and restrictions.

Always consider alternatives

As we said above, you can always choose not to take those items with you in the airplane. In case you must to, ask the company for advice.

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