Air cargo trends 2021

The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has largely influenced air cargo trends in 2020. Air cargo trends in 2021 will follow suit. From pharmaceutical transportation trends to the decline of passenger numbers and freight demand being bigger and bigger every day. Here are some of the most important air cargo trends in 2021 that you should keep in mind before looking into air cargo Bahrain.

Passenger numbers

Even though the passenger numbers were not doing great before the COVID-19 pandemic, the current state is only adding to that trend. Passenger flights were canceled, and there was a problem with regard to the transportation of pandemic payloads. The solution is in deploying passenger planes as freighters (the name of these is preighters). What this means is that a lot of companies are switching out passenger seats. Thus removing them to move cargo space.

Air cargo trends 2021 plane
One of the 2021 air cargo trends is that a lot of companies are switching out passenger seats.

There has been a great period of conversion of passenger planes to freighters. This trend is forecasted to continue throughout this year and even the years coming after it.  The International Air Transport Association predicts that this trend will rise up to 25% this year alone.

On the other hand, the decline in travel will mean that a lot of capacity will be lost in passenger aircraft which will have to be replaced when the time for travel comes again.

Sea freight situation influence of air cargo trends 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic has highly influenced the sea fright situation in two instances, the first time with China closing production, and the second time with the UK having a national lockdown, the situation is uncertain. When the sea fright situation is uncertain, people turn to air freights to transport pandemic payloads. If you are planning to relocate and this situation concerns you, just contact relocation companies in Jeddah and they will have all the information you seek.

Large aircrafts will be grounded

Airlines wanted to retire and ground bigger aircrafts even before the pandemic. The future lies in utilizing small and efficient aircrafts. Two of the most important reasons for doing so are of economic and environmental nature. These decisions were just fast-tracked by the current situation, and the majority of 747 aircrafts have been grounded and retired.

Air cargo
Airlines wanted to retire and ground bigger aircrafts even before the pandemic.

The decline in travel, with a far lesser number in passengers flying in this time of the pandemic has sped up this decision to turn to smaller and more modern aircrafts. This will mean smaller emissions and minimalized pollution. Smaller aircrafts will not only save money, they will also produce a lower amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Development to transport vaccines

A lot of this year’s development was concerned about the quick transport of COVID-19 vaccines as the countries around the world started their mass vaccination programs. Vaccines such as the ones developed by Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna are all temperature sensitive and have frozen and deep-frozen temperature requirements. This led to air companies having to quickly find the best solution for shipping them. As this is a time and temperature sensitive problem, sea fright will not be able to be used, and all the demand will fall on airfreight capacities.

SAF or sustainable aviation fuel

With a move towards a more sustainable future, the industry is starting to research and invest in sustainable aviation fuel. This type of fuel is made out of feedstocks, residues from the agricultural sector, algae, waste oils and carbon.

They have been already made available and are now growing in popularity. The Air Transport Action Group has declared that sustainable aviation fuels can have up to 80% less of greenhouse gas emissions through their life cycle, compared to traditional fuels. As a result, this means that the air will be cleaner. The most important factor is how well will these fuels blend with the more traditional fuels and how much will this all cost.

E-freight development

There has been this trend for some time now, and e-freight is still on the rise in air shipments. This means the digitalization of paperwork needed for air freight. It holds everything from shipment details to customs forms and is a paperless form of finance management. And if you are interested in documents and requirements for moving to KSA, you can always read the article moving from Europe to KSA; documents and requirements.

What about personal moving?

There are a few passengers flying this year. However, that does not mean that every trip is for tourist reasons. There are still people that need to fly for business, and even have to move internationally. After all, the world has to keep living, it can’t just stop.

There are still people that need to fly for business, and even have to move internationally.

If you are interested if this situation with the COVID-19 pandemic had affected the prices of moving companies and the moving services you need, you can always as for a free moving estimate. Moving has been made more difficult, but it is by no means impossible.

A sea of changes

The most important trend that was set in 2020 was being prepared for massive changes. This last year has taught every industry what it means to adapt and overcome everything that was thrown at them. 2021 will be the year when the industry gathers itself up and shows knowledge of operating under new rules. These changes will not be complete until the end of this year. What is certain is that they will serve as a strong base for 2022.

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