Best boxes for international moving

There are hundreds of different options on the boxes market. You might be inclined to buy either the cheapest or the most expensive ones. While that’s certainly one way to do it, you should first consider what are your specific needs. Based on that, you’ll be able to make a much better option that won’t cost much and will cover all of your needs. For example, there’s no need to buy heavy plastic boxes if all you’re transporting is clothes. That’s why choosing carefully what you are going to buy is essential. Finding the best boxes for international moving means that you’ll need something that’s going to be able to support some weight, have enough space and that they’re a budget-friendly option.

What to look for, why is it important

When it comes to moving abroad, you’ll probably need a really good option for your boxes. You don’t want them falling apart after they get a bit wet, or all damaged after hitting something while being transported. That is why it is important to choose something that’s durable and sturdy. However, you don’t want to overspend on boxes – although you should probably spare an extra buck just to make sure it’s all going to work out. Although you could probably get by with some simple plastic boxes you got at home for a domestic move, it’s best to buy a new pack for this one. That’s because boxes often deteriorate with time, and you don’t want anything breaking down when traveling internationally.

A man securing one of the best boxes for international moving with tape.
People will often not think about finding good moving boxes, but it’s actually very important.

People will often overlook this part of the moving process when they’re planning everything. Setting aside an hour or so to do some online research on what best fits you will get you a long way. For example, if you’re moving to Jeddah from abroad, you’ll want boxes that can survive a long-distance flight or being on a ship. Also, something that won’t deteriorate when being exposed to direct sunlight. You want your items as safe as possible while they’re being transported. It’s a bad idea to get cheap boxes since they can get easily damaged. In that scenario, you’ll also have to pay the damage costs, which can be a lot more than just better quality boxes.

Deciding on size and weight when looking for the best boxes for international moving

An important aspect to look after is how much weight the box can support. That means you’ll need to decide what type of items you’re going to put into the boxes you buy, and how many of them. Generally, all boxes will be great for relocating clothes. On the other hand, if you’re taking heavy objects with you, get plastic ones. Usually, you will find that information on the website you’re shopping from. Look for something that says “maximum weight capacity”. That should give you a general idea of what items you can store in that specific box type.

Another important thing to consider is the size when buying the best boxes for international moving. That is why it is important to decide what kinds of objects you’re going to put in there. In reality, that can be a hard job to do with all the necessary preparations you have to do in advance. That’s why there are packaging companies in Saudi Arabia that care of all of this for their customers. Hiring one of those is a great idea, especially if you’re not so knowledgeable about packaging or don’t have enough time. Boxes can come in ‘weird’ shapes, as well. For example, you can buy a box specifically for your monitor or TV that’s very thin. There are a ton of different things that will need to be packed, and lots of them will require different and unique boxes.

Two people packing a box with some items.
Buy boxes based on your items’ size and weight.

How many boxes do you need for international moving

In reality, you will need a lot of boxes. However, that doesn’t mean you need to have a hundred top-quality boxes. If you have some delicate objects to move, it’s best to store them in a sturdy plastic box and secure them inside. In that scenario, that would mean you only need a single plastic box. The rest of your items can go in normal card boxes. That is why it’s important to decide early on how many boxes you need to order. Also, consider a lot of durable boxes in case you’re going to rent any warehouse Saudia Arabia offers (and there are many of them). They’ll need to be able to withstand prolonged periods of time without any damage, so be sure to read the items’ descriptions when ordering them online. Here are some general tips you want to follow:

  • You can usually buy boxes in a lot of different varies of quantity. There are options ranging from 3 to even 30.
  • When looking at different kinds of boxes, check how many of them can you buy in a single purchase.
  • You don’t want to overspend by buying a pack of three boxes 10 times, just to have 30 boxes. It’s a much better option to just find a single seller selling all 30 at once.
  • When looking for the best boxes for international moving, look at what works best for you, not what’s ‘recommended’ or ‘best buy’.
A lot of stacked small boxes on top of each other next to a purple door.
The number of best boxes for international moving you’ll need depends on your items, so make the necessary calculations.


There are a lot of different things to consider when looking to buy boxes for an international relocation. and traveling. That’s why it’s best to stay informed about what kind of boxes you may require. Generally speaking, moving companies in Saudi Arabia will be able to tell you approximately what kind and how many boxes you’re going to require. If they’re also offering packing services, they’ll be able to greatly help you make the best decision. If you do have the chance to ask professionals, that is definitely the best thing to do. In that way, you will not have to worry about anything regarding size, weight, and everything else.

Moving is stressful as it is already. Hire a professional if they can help you get through the whole process.. Especially if you’re not sure what are the best boxes for international moving you can find on the market. And with such a big variety of them, it can be difficult to settle down on one option. On the other hand, if you have some time to do a bit of research, you can really find the best deals fairly easily. It will require some snooping online and calculating – based on your needs.

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