The best malls in Jeddah to visit

If you are a stranger in Saudi Arabia, then you should learn about the best malls in Jeddah. People who live in the US and Europe do not know much about this country. They believe in the stereotype that Saudi Arabia has no economy like the modern world. Not only that they are wrong, but many wealthy people live in this country and love to spend it shopping. Thanks to the local movers Saudi Arabia, more and more people from the rest of Saudi Arabia also come to live and work there. According to relocation companies in Jeddah, companies from the US start a business in Saudi Arabia every day. It is not strange that you can see rich people’s wives in shopping with bags named by famous brands. That is not the only interesting fact about this country and its shopping malls.

  • Many of them are made in historical buildings and have historical value, so you can see interesting architecture while choosing a favorite pair of shoes;
  • Most of them have no historical significance, but they are designed in traditional colors and architecture;
  • There are very large and attractive, so you should prepare yourself for a few hours or research for the best stores and attractiveness;
  • These are great places for children – they have so many playgrounds, thematic stores for children and thematic playrooms;
  • The best malls in Jeddah invested in entertainment so you could spend the whole day there – to have lunch, look a movie or walk.

As you can see, malls in Jeddah have everything that has malls in the rest of the world. If you like this way to spend free time, then you should visit one of them. The best malls in Jeddah are similar to each other. However, each of them is unique and special.

Shopping malls also have places for rest and entertainment

The best malls in Jeddah for children

Malls are usually great places for those who have children. People who live in the US claim that they are perfect for families. Even people who do not like shopping love to visit a shopping mall because of movies, theatres or restaurants. Businesspeople in Saudi Arabia have recognized this opportunity and made malls that offer plenty of fun for children. You will be able to leave them in playgrounds or playrooms and enjoy in shopping. Some shopping centers like Mall of Arabia have two playing grounds for children of different ages.

Mall of Arabia

That is an excellent place for the whole family. It has a classic games area and the branch of Kidzania. That is the place where your children could play a role in the job that it wants to have in real life. When finishing with shopping, you can take a rest in one of the restaurants on the second floor, or enjoy one of the many European-style coffee shops on the first floor, or Arabian style coffee shops. From time to time, you can also find seasonal activities offered by different organizations in the Jeddah community.

Serafi Mega Mall

If you are looking for something good for you and grown children, this is an excellent place for you. Located in the center of the Jeddah, near IKEA, it invites people with families to visit them. You will be able to visit a playground that offers a lot of different sports and entertainment, too. including karting and bowling. Some government departments have service offices in Serafi Mega Mall, like Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Abshar (ministry of interior) electronic services.

The best malls in Jeddah that are great for families

Children are not the only ones that can enjoy malls. You can come with them and take the whole family with you. However, older members of the family are more likely interested in movies or good food. Some malls offer fun for them, too. On that way, you can also come with your family and spend your Sunday there.

Stars Avenue Mall

You will enjoy most in numerous classes in one of the best malls in Jeddah. If you like, you can learn to make pottery, paint on ceramic or make sculptures using different materials. The best is that it still offers great brands and stores so that everybody can enjoy it here.

Al-Balad Shopping Area

Al-Balad or Bab-Makkah (Makkah Gate). That is one of the historical places in Jeddah. Made in a building that has historical value, this shopping center offers a good history lesson for visitors. However, you will still be able to shop here. You can especially shop for extraordinary oriental species like saffron, cardamom, cotton and silk gourmets, and all kinds of silverware.

It is expected to bargain with sellers and price multiple shops as shops are organically gathered into industries. So you would find gold souk ( market), spices souk, perfume souk, and so on. Come right after Hajj season to find some of the antiquities sold by pilgrims to the local vendors (Russian knives, Iranian saffron, Turk carpets, Indonesian Oud, and African Ivory). Kids can enjoy a horse ride or a visit to Bait-Nasif (House of Nasif) museums in the area.

The best malls in Jeddah that are actually for shopping

Finally, there are shopping malls that fulfill their main purpose. Believe you or not, some people come to the mall only for shopping. They do not like fun and entertainment that much (but it does not mean that they do not go to the theater at all). The only thing they want are stores, brands, and great sales. However, be careful of these thoughts. You may end up with severe diseases and shopping addiction.

Red Sea Mall

Biggest and most modern mall in Jeddah. It is the first mall to annex a movie theater in Jeddah. So it is very crowded during weekends and considered a hot spot for the young to hang out. Never the less, it has an all-you-can-play offer for kids for some of the days. It has also a Souk-themed part and many many nice restaurants and shops. A must-visit for shopping lovers.

Ana Special 

There are numerous local brands that you can see in this mall. The owners have mostly relied on them. It is made in original Arabic architecture, but with a touch of luxury. One of the most interesting is that this is one of the rarest malls that does not have a supermarket at all. The stores here are mostly luxury and expensive, following western world fashion and interests. You will be able to have a great lunch here, thanks to the luxury restaurants.

Aziz Mall

Even though this is not particularly famous to the family section, Aziz Mall records large customers visit on weekends. It has a small playground surface, but the best in this mall is a list of brands that you can find there. Starting from the most famous in the world, you can visit great stores for favorable prices. Packing companies in Jeddah will have a lot of jobs to do after visiting this shopping mall.

Dolls in store with cloth
Be careful with shopping unless if you want to get addiction


That is one of the best malls in Jeddah, especially for those who love luxury and expensive stores. It has opened surface for walking and a lot of luxury stores for visiting. They say that you can meet jet set here. However, make sure that you got to know with the law so that customs clearance in Saudi Arabia does not make troubles when backing home.

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