Best paid jobs for expats in Saudi Arabia

Every country has different traditions and cultures. Saudi Arabia is well known for its Islamic heritage, and its unique style of living. But as time is passing, even their culture is affected by modernization. People from other countries, expats, have it easier now to adapt to their way of living. Saudi Arabia has good job opportunities for foreigners because nationals lack the skills and education. This is a list of best-paid jobs for expats in Saudi Arabia.

Banking administration in Saudi Arabia

People in this position earn up to $190,000 a year. Also, you can find huge career growth opportunities. To qualify you will need 10 years of experience and a professional degree. Requirements are –  experience in treasury management, cash management, and forecasting, and strong negotiation skills. If you have all of those skills, relocating to this country for a job is a profitable idea. For moving, we recommend the relocation services of the pioneer of the moving industry in Saudi Arabia.

Money managing is one of the best paid jobs for expats in Saudi Arabia
Excellent payment is a plus side of this job

Logistics Manager jobs for expats in Saudi Arabia

To work in this position, logistics Saudi Arabia, you need to take the responsibility for all the processes in the logistics supply chain. You are required to manage the movement of people, goods, and equipment. Knowing a thing or two about electrics and plumbing will make you an ideal candidate.

Construction Project Manager

Because of Saudi Arabia’s growing economy, this job has become essential, like previously mentioned jobs ( for example in the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia). You could earn up to $168,000 a year. Companies are mostly looking for pipeline project managers because of the oil. You need to know how to manage materials and people. Checking the blueprints and construction drawings is also the manager’s job. If you can ensure quality, safety and productivity you are the person for this job. The only requirement is 10 years of experience in this field.

Construction warning sign on a fence
Construction jobs are gaining popularity

Customs Clearing agent jobs for expats in Saudi Arabia

To apply for this job, you need to know about the customs rules of Saudi Arabia. A few years of experience in the import department is also a must. Coordinating with the warehouse and transport team is also a must for this job. Custom clearing agents in Bahrain are a good example of all the needed skills to be good in this job.

The job of a doctor in Saudi Arabia

Obviously, you will need a medical degree to even think about this job. A $156,000 annual salary doesn’t stand out much from the rest of the world. Procedures you will be doing include:

  • Health care
  • Physical exams
  • Giving vaccines to patients ( this job for expats in Saudi Arabia now includes a lot of this, with Covid-19 spreading)
  • Treating illnesses
  • Checking medications
  • Giving pre and post operation care


Moving because of work is a big step to take. Leaving friends and family behind is never easy. But even with so many fantastic job opportunities, you should ask these questions before you take the job. There are always hidden details that you need to address. This could greatly affect the result. So think about it well and enjoy this new chapter of your life!

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