Best places for expats in KSA

Did you visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time and wonder what to visit? On the other hand, maybe you plan on living there and are in pursuit of the perfect place to call home? Regardless, today we discuss the best places for expats in KSA. Now, you have to understand that there are two types of places you can live in KSA. The first one is the so-called, western compound, which accommodates western people and their lifestyle. The second one is off-compound living. The off-compound places are generally speaking much cheaper for living. However, they fall under the overall rules of living in Saudi Arabia. If you plan on visiting or moving to the country, you should consider hiring a professional moving company, like Four Winds KSA to help you.

Best places for expats in KSA to take into consideration

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country full of tradition, culture, and various amenities for both its residents and people visiting the country.  One of the largest countries in the Saudi Peninsula has around 27 million residents living in it. On top of that, around 8.5 million of its residents are actually foreigners that decide to come to the country.

a crowd of people in front of a mosque in one of the best places for expats in KSA
KSA is very culturally and traditionally rich which makes it interesting for people who decide to move or visit it

The country has a quite diverse geography that includes forests, deserts, grasslands, and mountain ranges. Due to its large and vast size, the climate varies from region to region. Moreover, here are the top three places you should consider visiting or living in:

  1. Dammam
  2. Jeddah
  3. Riyadh


Dammam is the industrial hub of the country. It lies in the eastern province of the country and mostly accommodates expats that work in petrochemistry. On the other hand, as we are talking about the best places for expats in KSA, we need to mention that Dammam is a great place to raise a family. So, if you plan to move to the city, consider reading a more detailed guide to living in Dammam as an expat.


The city of Jeddah is very close to the coast that leads to the Red Sea. Most of the residents in the city are foreign and enjoy quite a versatile lifestyle. A relaxing, very cosmopolitan lifestyle is dominant in the city.

a large number of people praying in Mecca
Jeddah is a city on the coast of the Red Sea and is very close to Mecca

There is a high concentration of art and culture in the area which is probably the main reason foreign people are attracted to it. If moving to Jeddah is something you consider, opt for cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia services to transport your belongings.

Best places for expats in KSA: Riyadh

As we conclude our list of best places for expats in KSA, we have to talk about Riyadh. Riyadh is the most populous city in Saudi Arabia and is in the center of the desert. However, the place is quite conservative, due to the high presence of laws in the city. Nonetheless, the city is a bustling and sprawling metropolis. By hiring movers in Riyadh you will ensure a positive relocation experience once you decide to move there.

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