Best Places In KSA To Relocate Your Business

We agree that moving is a complex process and it should be carried out with the help of professionals. However, when you decide to move or expand your business, things become even more serious. You will not only need to think about your inventory, team, and clients but finding the perfect place for it as well. Luckily, KSA is one of the most suitable countries for that move and it has countless successful companies to prove it. They also have many respectable moving companies in Jeddah who will help you out. So, to make things much easier for you, we present to you some of the best places in KSA to relocate your business and the reasons for it!

What to focus on when looking for a place to relocate your business

The place you are looking for should have certain traits that mustn’t be ignored. After all, your entire business plan will depend on it. And since you probably know what risks in the business world look like, it is better to avoid them, at least when it comes to choosing a location.

Riyadh city at night.
There are many great places in KSA to relocate your business thanks to the stable economy and good tourism.

It all begins with choosing those places that offer a potential market for your business. No matter if you are in the tech world, retail, or something completely different, this should be one of your priorities. The reason for making this move is that not everyone will find the same place suitable. Big cities in KSA certainly cover a lot of areas, but the risk will be too high to take it.

One of the best places in KSA to relocate your business could be Jubail

When talking about business, a lot of people from KSA will instantly think about Jubail. Even though it is not as developed as some other cities, this place has something you won’t be able to find anywhere else. It is home to the world’s fourth-largest petrochemical company, SABIC. This company is not only among the main petrochemical distributors but is one of the biggest employers in the country. Having this giant in your neighborhood will positively affect your business no matter what you do. Since it hires not only people from KSA, but from all around the world as well, you can use that to your benefit.

Apart from that, you should know that the other side of Jubail is perfect for tourism. Fishing is one of the favorite activities for both locals and tourists, and the warm climate is just a bonus. New hotels and resorts keep popping up almost daily, as more and more people see potential in Jubail. If you are coming from afar, cargo companies in Jubail can help you relocate your equipment and office inventory. While they deal with that, you can explore the city and its perks even more.

Two people looking at stocks on a laptop and a tablet.
Get to know Saudi Arabia’s law before beginning the process!

Most notable companies in Jubail

No matter where you decide to go, your business will need strong partners. Well, in Jubail you will find plenty of them, and all you need to do is decide which one suits your area of business. Apart from SABIC, there are countless other companies worth mentioning. Some of them include:

  • NSH
  • Sadara Chemical Company
  • AYTB
  • Azmeel Contracting
  • Sendan International Co

Next, we move on to Riyadh

There are not many things you can say about KSA without mentioning Riyadh. Because of that, it has to be on the list of best places in KSA to relocate your business. With 7.677 million people, it is the heart of the economy, finance, and business in Saudi Arabia. Freight forwarding companies in Riyadh operate daily, constantly bringing new people, goods, and ideas. Because of its popularity and a very strong economy, this city could be perfect for your business as well. Every year countless new people will arrive bringing their services and knowledge. 

But unlike Jubail, this city is focused more on culture and art. Because of that, any type of business related to these fields will have a green light. If you have a chance to visit it, you will come across small family-owned workshops on the street to skyscraping headquarters. 

Speaking of companies, the other side of Riyadh is more than essential for the KSA’s economy. In Riyadh you will find factories producing:

  • Different equipment
  • Machinery
  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Textile
  • Furniture
  • Construction materials

It seems like you will have many options for your business in Riyadh after all. Those who plan on sticking to tourism should explore the city center in search of a good location. Others, however, can focus more on the industrial part of Riyadh where the majority of huge companies are located.

People looking for best places in KSA to relocate your business on their laptop.
You and your team should explore the place suitable for your business from the start.

Living costs in Riyadh

According to official statistics, living and working in Riyadh is less expensive than in some other famous capitals of the world. A single person’s cost goes up to 799.7$ monthly, which makes it the third cheapest city in the Middle East. Riyadh is 42% less expensive than Seattle or San Francisco. This means that not only will your relocation be affordable, but you will also be able to have a nice business launch there. Of course, as one of the best places in KSA for your business, Riyadh’s real estate market will fit your pocket as well, so that you can settle your office the right way.

Jeddah: Among the best places in KSA to relocate your business

Jeddah is home to around 3.976 million people and is another place in KSA worth mentioning. Moving to Jeddah is common among all generations, especially in recent years. While some come to enjoy its beauties, others however will do it mainly because of its business opportunities. In Jeddah, you will find a lot of notable companies KSA is famous for, but most of all, you will find yourself in the tourism heaven. This city is located on the Red Sea and the location is an absolute hot spot for tourists. Thousands of hotels and resorts are scattered around the city and the shore, slowly joining the major employers in the country.

One of the biggest hotel chains is AccorHotels. It has establishments across the country and it hires more than 250,000 hoteliers. What is interesting is that this employer has establishments on five continents. AccorHotels is known for working closely with small businesses in Saudi Arabia including those producing homemade cosmetic products, goods, and textiles.

Jeddah has a long history of trading and business

And just like you will look for experienced movers to deal with your items, it is good to know that the city you have in mind has some business experience as well. In the 19th century, Jeddah was one of the main trading centers, constantly exporting goods including pearls, food, textile, and many other items. Once it became popular for tourists as well, the city combined the two and quickly turned into the giant that it is today. There are also many options regarding a warehouse for rent in Jeddah, so your relocation can go smoothly.

The city of Jeddah, one of the best places in KSA to relocate your business.
Jeddah is one of the best places in KSA to relocate your business, as it is home to giant companies!

It is good to mention that Jeddah has around 900 schools. They include both private and public ones and rate pretty well in general. What is interesting to know is that in recent years, a lot of people from other countries decided to open private schools in Jeddah. If your profession is related to education, this could be a great option for you as well. Considering how many tourists come to visit Jeddah and how many foreigners move there because of work, it is not so bad to think about their families as well.

The city of Dammam could also be an excellent choice

Considering it is the fifth most populous city in KSA, Dammam is a great candidate for moving your business. It has a population of 1,252,523 people and its residents are both from KSA and other world countries. The main reason why Dammam is so popular is that it is the major administrative center in Saudi Arabia. Dammam annually hosts different events including sports competitions, concerts, and conventions. Even though this city is wonderful to visit at any time of the year, there will be slightly fewer tourists in winter. It can get pretty windy and cold during this period, but luckily, the bad weather doesn’t last for too long.

Those who plan on moving or expanding their business to Dammam will not make a bad decision. The economy of the place is stable and strong, and the current unemployment rate is lower than in some other major cities. However, before you find a good logistics company in Dammam to deal with your items and equipment, you must choose a suitable place for moving.

Your company should stick close to the industrial zone in Dammam, as you will have more benefits from it. Office rent is lower in these areas, and you can even share the parking with bigger companies and organize transportation for your employees. However, if you only have a single office, or need an actual retail workshop, it is better if you stay close to the center. This way your products will be closer to the crowd and you will be able to quickly launch your services.

A cargo ship that can help you transport you equipment to one of the best places in KSA to relocate your business.
When you choose a place to move your business to, let the professionals help you do it quickly

Other things to know about the best places in KSA to relocate your business

Now that you have a couple of really good candidates, it is time to start making a good plan. In general, KSA is excellent for all kinds of trading businesses and you will be able to find a suitable client group in no time. What matters is that you stay updated all the time. Keep on following the market and stocks, and if you have some friends and family living there, include them in the process as well. Since Saudi Arabia’s economy is constantly running, you will need firsthand information as often as possible.

In case you already have a business you wish to expand, you must get to know the law of the country. Saudi Arabia follows rules regarding importing and exporting certain items, and if you wish to move them as well, you will need extra help. The clinical trial logistics in KSA will help you transport medicine and medical equipment in case your business is related to that field. You will also need a couple of important certificates all verified by the government.

To get a license to move or start your business in KSA you will need to apply directly to the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, as well as to the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia. Depending on what city you chose, the estimated time for issuing these documents is not longer than a couple of months. This period is worth waiting for as there is no personal income tax in Saudi Arabia.

Always aim high

A huge number of businesses is always welcome in Saudi Arabia. According to the latest statistics in 2021, there were 1.7% more new companies than the previous year. And while foreigners need to wait for documents to do it, people who already live in KSA will find this much easier. The air cargo Bahrain offers can be used for transporting your inventory to KSA if you are in the neighborhood, so avoid doing it all on your own.

People putting hands together.
Once you officially move your business, focus on reaching all of your goals!

Looking for the best places in KSA to relocate your business is a sign you are ready to take certain steps to skyrocket your business. And while there could be countless other options, Saudi Arabia remains one of the main leaders in the business world. You and your team should make a strategic plan that will include pre and post-moving tasks so that everyone contributes in some way. Once you finally arrive in KSA, take it slowly. Advertise your services and products to new clients and try to put your company under the spotlight. You will have a lot of good examples in your neighborhood, no matter where you end up setting up your headquarters.

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