The best ways to ship frozen and perishable food

There are several ways to ship frozen and perishable food. It means that you first must inform about legislation and international shipping rules. Different types of food have different ways of shipping. Depending on the ingredients that food contains, you should prepare the proper packaging and protection. Finally, the length of the journey that your food will have is also essential. Whenever you want to send your food, make sure that your food should be on the destination under 30 hours from sending. There are different conditions that you should be aware of before ship frozen and perishable food.

  • You should know how long your food can take before spoiling or defrosting;
  • Length of the traveling is critical if you want to ship frozen and perishable food;
  • Do not forget extreme temperatures that affect spoiling food;
  • In some cases humidity in air or shipping container could ruin your food;
  • Spoilage of the food is also a crucial fact – if it contains eggs or milk it will spoil much sooner than bread;
  • There is specific legislation in every country about the food shipping, so make sure that you get to know about it.

When you have taken all of these factors in mind, you can start with the preparation for shipping of the food. Finally, you will be able to track your food package in some cases.

There will always be food that you cannot take with you

Prepare for shipping properly

There is important legislation that you should know before ship frozen and perishable food. Some of them apply only to the package that you can use. On the other hand, some countries strictly forbid all food that cannot stand long traveling. The first thing you actually had to do is to inform about legislation. Then, you can prepare packages.

Inform about legislation

There are numerous ways to inform yourself about the legislation when shipping food. Some countries will not allow you shipping of these items at all. It should be a very first step before any others. Do not ever try to hide or smuggle food abroad.

Prepare isolation

There are a few handy ways to protect food when transporting. You could use cold plastic containers that are the best in this case. They are made in different shapes and sizes so every food could be saved. However, you can also use plastic wrappers and sturdy foam. You can also find especially frozen bags that keep the temperature of the food. Finally, you have undoubtedly seen handy refrigerators that keep frozen food protected for a long time.

Prepare for costs

Whenever you want to ship frozen and perishable food, you should know that it will be costly. Every agency will have extra charges for that. In most cases, you will be able to ship food only under the country. Ask local movers Saudi Arabia for prices before shipping and avoid surprises.

Ship Frozen and Perishable Food

When the arriving day comes, your food must be adequately packed. You must leave packing to the literal last moment. However, prepare all at least the day before so you will avoid hurry and possible problems. Also, make sure that your moving company or transport agency know the content of your packages.

Use appropriate packaging

Whatever you want to ship, the best way to protect is to wrap into the plastic and tide. On the other hand, there are a lot of packaging companies in Saudi Arabia that could help you. They will surely know the legislation and possible troubles that can arise.

Meat in packages
Food must be adequately packed when shipping

Minimize movements

There is an obvious problem with carrying of food that can melt or spill. You can protect it using plastic and fill the space between packages. If you can use plastic containers, the best way is to fill space between cups and cover it.

Learn about dry ice

Dry ice is a great way to ship frozen and perishable food. It is actually carbon dioxide that keeps the temperature on -109,3F. Thanks to its consistency, it will not melt the food for a long time. However, there is severe legislation about this. In most countries, you will be able to take with you only 5,5 pounds of dry ice. Custom clearance in Saudi Arabia will provide you official information about it. Also, dry ice is highly dangerous and hazardous, so protect your hands and package properly.

Different types of food ask different packages

Depending on the kind of food, you should prepare the package differently. Use plastic wrap for bread and dry food. Meat and fruit should be placed in vacuum-packages. If you want to transport cases that melt put them in plastic boxes or cups. Frozen food is best to ship in special bags or plastic and styrofoam containers. Or, simply use handy refrigerators.


Every country has rules about the shipping of food. However, if you want to ship frozen and perishable food abroad, you should know the law. Not every country allows it. In some cases, you will be forced to prepare appropriate documentation for it.

Sea food
It would be best if we can ship food on ice every time

Make a transit time as short as possible

The best way to ship frozen and perishable food is to ship it under 30 hours. It is approximately calculated the time when almost every type of food could keep freshness and not spoil. You can ask logistic companies Saudi Arabia for help in the case you do not know how long your traveling takes. Also, in some cases, your food must be delivered much sooner than 30 hours, and you should inform the moving company about that.

Protect food but yourself and workers

Although you want to transfer food, that cannot damage in most cases. There are cases when food or packages could be harmful. When pack boxes make sure that you have labeled it properly. Do not forget that many persons will handle your boxes, so inform them about the boxes and things there. If you use dry ice, protect your hands with special gloves. Label the container with the word “hazardous.” On that way, you will ship frozen and perishable food correctly and responsible.

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