Can we expect cuts in air cargo capacity?

At the beginning of the new year, most people make resolutions related to their private life but also a business. Each of us does retrospectives and plans how to improve every segment of our business. Also, we analyze our achievements and strive to improve them as much as possible. However, some things we cannot change. All we can do is accept them and learn how to adjust to changes that had happened and still happening. Running a business since the beginning of the pandemic has become so turbulent. With so many changes such as higher demand, shortages in supply chain transportation, all we can do is to stay open for alternatives that arise. The question is, can we expect more stable cargo capacities? Or should we expect cuts in air cargo capacity just like shortages of containers for ocean freight? Our air cargo Jeddah experts will help you find answers.

Many supply chain issues remind us we can expect cuts in air cargo capacity

Air cargo transportation is an integral part of our modern life which allows us to instantly get products from another part of the world. Although sea transportation is also the perfect way to get products from different countries worldwide, air transportation remains the faster and most efficient transport method. During a pandemic, the entire globe did face problems with lockdowns, congested ports, and a shortage of container capacity. Although ocean freight is cheaper than air freight to Saudi Arabia, for many companies it was the only way to transport their goods. For that reason, many companies had decided to accept only possible ways of transport and send products to their consumers. Unluckily, there are too many companies that need to use air cargo capacities at the same time. And for that reason, we can expect cuts in air cargo capacity.

People expect cuts in air cargo capacity while looking at an airplane flying in the sky
Cuts in air cargo capacity are consequences of supply chain issues.

The current situation related to the world’s trade reminds us of some kind of loop hard to get out of. Business owners are torn between the most affordable and only possible solutions. And once they accept new ways of transport, changes are still happening. Experts for cold chain services say it is hard for them to cope with higher fuel prices, security issues that arise, etc. And now when we can expect cuts in air cargo capacity, new financial strategies will be the only thing that could save most companies. The good thing is that global demand continues to grow which makes us more confident in the choices we make daily. Regardless of the type of products you need to transport, you will need to plan in advance and book your air cargo space on time. This will be the only way for your business to survive.

Get help from logistics experts and overcome potential ongoing cargo capacity constraints

Are you wondering is there any unique solution that can save your business? What can help you opt for the most efficient transportation every time you need to transport your goods? Although this supply chain crisis leads every business owner to certain risks that can not be predicted, there is one thing that you can do. Regardless of the experience that you have when it comes to running a business, make sure to get help. There is no one who can help you do your job better than our specialists from shipping and logistic companies. They are informed about global shipping and supply chain issues. That makes them able to make better decisions. And this will certainly help you overcome cuts in air cargo capacity that we can expect. Be free to contact our logistics experts and let them present you with services that you might need to transport goods.

Two person shake hands
Since we can expect cuts in air cargo capacity make sure to get logistics help.

Don’t underestimate predictions when it comes to air cargo capacities

One thing is for sure, according to logistics specialists- demand will continue to rise. According to recent researches, international demand for products is expected to reach even 44% of pre-crisis levels. And this is way more than the last year. The only reason why is that are consequences of the pandemic.  There is no doubt, restrictions of movement across borders during the pandemic, different quarantine measures, and traveler uncertainty affect international demand. For all these reasons, global demand is slowest to recover. Luckily, companies giving their best to re-stock and get products to consumers. And this is something that affects global cargo demand, both in terms of the ocean and air transport. Unluckily, logistics companies are not able to respond to all requirements and many shipments stay in warehouses. Wondering why?

Did you hear about the recent reduction in long-haul capacity? Well-known airline company Cathay Pacific have to cut their air cargo capacities from now on. This is a consequence of the new Coving-19 measures in Hong Kong. Instead of 3 days of quarantine, crew members are now subject to seven days in quarantine. This is a simple example of the limited crew that cannot be in transit so often as they did. But this is something that will provide more safety for all crew members. All that this company can do now is to explore alternative operating modes. The airline representatives said they will try to exceed capacity beyond their base schedule. Even if they find any alternatives their capacities are likely to be limited. Also, it will take some time to implement new schedules.

Airport departures timetable
The number of flights will not stay the same.

We hope for the best business results

Just like each of our businesses did survive through the past two years, we need to keep fighting. Pandemic restrictions are there to help us overcome risks that threaten our health. Although these restrictions bring huge changes to the world of global logistics, we need to give our best to save lives no matter what. Our logistic services KSA remind you that you should expect cuts in air cargo capacity. For that reason, make sure to plan and book your shipments in advance, if possible. If you have any doubts, be free to contact us and we will provide you with the most efficient logistics solutions.

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