Choosing a shipping container

No matter how unimportant it seems, choosing a shipping container is crucial when organizing air cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia. Most people think that size and look is only that matters. However, you should pay attention to plenty of other things:

  • When choosing a shipping container, you surely will start from the size you need – but be careful and calculate the exact size you need and save money;
  • Quality of the tank is crucial for shipping – make sure that it is new and in good shape;
  • There are numerous shipping companies, but you need to choose the best – freight forwarding companies in Bahrain have a great selection of the containers;
  • Price is also significant – you can pay much less if you choose a suitable company;
  • Although aesthetic is not that important for the right container, you surely want to have a container without rust and dents – and it could point on severe damages.

The proper container must look like new, although it does not need to be fresh when buying. More important is to be in shape, without dents. It must have color which means without rust. Also, there is legislation about containers that inspection follows. There are simple steps that you should follow when choosing a shipping container.

Storage of shipping containers
In most cases, you will choose shipping containers from the storage

Documentation needed for choosing a shipping container

Containers are not common goods that we buy on the market. Since people use them for carrying serious weight and in most cases over the board, it must be in good shape. Luckily, there is documentation that you need to fulfill before buying. The documentation will show you to pay attention to essential things. Do not forget that every country has its legislation, so in most cases, you will need to know both when shipping, though.

Life of the container is important

Although the production date cannot say much about the container stage at this moment, you should start from it. To avoid damages and troubles with shipping, local movers Saudi Arabia regularly purchase new containers. It means that the old bottles could be in perfect shape, due to low usage.

Ask for the inspection

You do not need to be the only person that checks the container. There is an inspection that has a job to control the quality from time to time. There are two types of inquiry. The first one is formal. They must visit the manufacturer and control the quality. After that, they will give a document and license that container is suitable. On the other hand, every storage in Saudi Arabia has informal control from time to time and check the stage of containers.

Speaking about the inspection

Since containers travel all over the world, the control in those countries must have their check whenever the tank come to their country. It means that you will have a pre-inspection in your country and post-inspection in a country where the container came. The second one is mandatory for every shipper, while the first one depends on the last inspection they have made.

Containers in line
Dents disenable the containers to fit between other containers

You should follow international legislation

Official documents and legislation make the job much more comfortable. When choosing a shipping container is about, you have a straightforward task. Original containers have started to travel all over the world very quickly. The manufacturers and shippers have made a document about the inspection. You can find a standard for shipping containers that worth the whole world.

What is on the paper is essential for choosing a shipping container

Every container has made a factory. Like in every other situation, they have made a manual that follows their goods. It means that you should check the documentation and find if it follows the shape and looks of the container. If they have predicted a lock, you must see it on the door. If their dimensions are precisely named, your tank must have the same dimensions when you buy it.

Choose the right dimension

People think that nothing wrong will happen if they take a larger container than they need. However, it is crucial to choose the correct size. It will save money and time. Also, make sure that you have selected a container that you have load quickly.

Make photos of the container from the bottom

You will have only one little opportunity to check the stage of the container’s base from the outside. It happens when they move the container with a crane from one place to another. However, the shape of the bottom is essential, so take photos of it so you can estimate the stage later.

Do not accept dents in every circumstance

If the dent is from the inside, the container will not have a good shape, so they will not be able to put on placement between other containers. Dent from outside will decrease the space inside for your stuff. Also, in places where dents are sheet metal is damaged so there will make rust very shortly.

Shipping container with rust that proves how hard is choosing a shipping container
In some cases, only look at the container tells much about it

Visual is finally very important when choosing a shipping container

Like in every other shopping, you need to check the stage of the vessel in person. In most cases, you can say if the tank is good at first glance. Do not avoid even the smallest damages or changes. Dents or rust could show that the owner has not kept the container in good condition. That could affect the business later. So, after you have checked all that follows the tank, check the vessel itself. You can take photos, too, and estimate the shape of the pot later.

Check for small dents, rust, and other damages

You can find damages on the containers on your own. The owner could miss them or intentionally falls to write on the documentation. So, quickly check the stage of the container from outside and inside. Check for damages, rust, and dents.

Pay attention to the closed parts of the container

When coming inside, you should check the corners and sections that never see the sun. Those parts cannot dry so damage very quickly. It mostly means that you should check angles on the backside. Make sure that they are dry and do not have rust. It should be a crucial inspection when choosing a shipping container.

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