Moving internationally during winter

So the day has come, you have decided to move internationally. It sounds like a new and exciting adventure; meeting new people, having new experiences, and getting to know another culture; so many positives. But, when it comes to a part which cannot you cannot avoid, but it can affect your mood – things might get a bit more serious. Yes, moving internationally, especially during winter, is quite a challenge; we agree on that. However, no need to stress and worry upfront; we are one of the best logistics companies in Bahrain. We can make moving internationally during winter can be a stress-free experience. Our team of professionals will gladly create a customized plan for relocating internationally, and the fact that it is during winter should not affect your mood.

Benefits when moving internationally during winter

Yes, you read right – although there are certain challenges when you decide to move abroad during wintertime, you can count on some benefits as well. Mover’s rates are lower during the winter, and you can focus on hiring a top-rated moving company. That is the main reason for many clients to schedule their international moves during winter.

So, you are not the only example of such sort, and you can rest assured that although its winter and cold, they had success and so shall you. With planning and proper preparation, your winter international move can go smoothly and stress-free. You should only prepare properly and, ideally, choose a professional moving company to help.

Start planning

Since you are not only moving internationally but also during winter; think about the ways to keep yourself, and everyone involved warm and comfortable:

  • Dress properly
  • Clean the snow and ice from your backyard and street
  • Prepare warm drinks and snacks

Make the decisions: Door-to-door or door-to-port type of international move

When it comes to moving internationally, you can choose between different options.


As the name suggests, door to door in terms of international moves means that your items are picked up from your old home and delivered directly to your new home. Normally, the trucker transports the container from your current (old) house, which you should pack with your belongings. Then the container will be transported to your new address, and you will take over from there (unpack and settle in your new home).


Door to port means that your belongings travel from your old home, and they’ll arrive at the port of destination. You should have an agent at the destination that will pay the necessary taxes and handle the documentation for customs clearance. Then you can arrange a pick-up of your items at the port.

Decide the transportation you will be using for your international move

A lot of decision making is involved when it comes to moving internationally during winter. It does not end with choosing between door-to-door and door-to-port. You should also decide between a few other options:

  1. Ocean freight or air freight
  2. Full (FCL) container or partial (LCL) container
You can choose between ocean freight or air freight

Ocean freight or air freight for your international move

When sending your personal belongings internationally, you have a choice; you can send them by air or via ocean freight. The less expensive option is by sea, but air freight can be a better option if you have specific needs. If you are in a hurry and want particular items to arrive at your new destination as soon as possible, you can count on our air freight to Saudi Arabia services.

Full (FCL) or partial (LCL) container when moving internationally during winter

Two types of shipment options are available to you:
– Full Container Load (FCL)
– Less than Container Load (LCL)

Depending on the number of your items, you choose between the two. As implied, FCL is a full container load, LCL is less than container load, or shared container. Your items will travel with items belonging to other people. This also means lower international costs of shipping.

Additional factors which should consider when deciding between LCL or FCL:

  • With FCL, you have the entire container for yourself, and the risks of damage of any kind are lower.
  • Customs usually detain LCL shipments, and if that happens with the container which carries your load, this can cause a delay in delivery. The entire container can be detained until everything is questioned and sorted out.
Your belongings should be packed in appropriate containers when moving internationally during winter

Mistakes to avoid when moving internationally during winter

Moving internationally during winter is challenging, agreed. There is a lot to think about, but you should invest the time in planning and avoid for something to go wrong. Check for the list of common mistakes made when moving internationally:

  • Not researching the import laws. Law and regulations can vary, and it is better to familiarize yourself with the ones valid in the country you are moving to.
  • Not buying insurance. It is the fact that your belongings have a long journey to undertake. You should pack everything properly, but still, the insurance is additional protection and we recommend it in case that anything unpredictable occurs.
  • Not hiring the licensed freight forwarder. All licensed freight forwarders have a set of regulations to work by. If you decide to move internationally with an unlicensed freight forwarder, you have no guarantee that they would work by such rules. You are not legally protected if something goes wrong.

We are your partner when moving internationally during winter

You can always count on our experts in any situation and rest assured that you would not experience risks listed above. With the vast experience that we have to offer, you can rely on Four Winds Saudi Arabia to run the entire process of you moving internationally during winter.

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