Choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia – tips

Choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia, like anywhere else, is a complicated mission. There are many different types of storages and terms under which you can rent them. So it all depends on your needs. You might be sending a shipping container from Canada to Saudi Arabia and you need a place to store it for a while. Or you could be moving, and you need a place to store your items. Also, it is important to consider how long you are planning to rent it. And are there any particular conditions that your storage unit will have to meet. Like climate control, for example. Luckily, Saudi Arabia is a rich and business-oriented country, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a good and reliable storage company.

Location means a lot

The first thing to consider when choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia is its location. If you are shipping sea cargo from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, for example. And you are looking for a warehouse to store it for a while then proximity to your home is not so important. Also, you could use this fact to search for storage outside of urban areas where you could find more affordable solutions.

On the other hand, you might be looking for a long term storage solution for your excess items. In that case, proximity to your home could be very important. Especially if you have to visit it frequently. Naturally, you will have to pay more for this luxury.

Location is very important when choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia

Operational hours are very important when choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia

No matter whether you are choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia to keep your personal items or you are involved in cargo transportation in Saudi Arabia and you will use it as a bonded warehouse, operational hours are very important. Of course, you could try to find storage with 24-hour access. However, because of the extra staff and security, those facilities are usually more expensive.

On the other hand, if you are working Monday to Friday and the facility is closed on weekends, you will need another solution.  So it would be best to find a storage company that you can access in your free time.

Payment plans and pricing when choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia

One of the most important things is the price. Some facilities charge by the month. Others could be charging by week. But usually, storage companies will offer you many different storage plans. Of course, it would be best to take offers from several different companies to compare. Some may offer a free month or other advantages like climate-controlled units. You cannot really know until you gather several offers. Only then you will be able to decide. But usually, renting a unit long term is more affordable.

Condition of the facility

The state of the storage unit is very important. When you are looking for a warehouse in Saudi Arabia, you will have no problems with extreme colds and moist. And that is a relieving fact. However, you will have other problems to watch out for. Heat, dust, and pests are sometimes a real problem in Saudi Arabian warehouses and storage.

That is why it is advisable to visit the storage facility before you decide to rent a unit there. Images that you can see online could be deceptive. And the only reliable way to learn about the condition in which you will store your items is to see it with your own eyes. Of course, pay attention to the state of the whole facility. Is it clean? Are all light bulbs working? And so on.

Storage doors
Find a well-maintained facility

Choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia with good safety measures

Of course, safety is one of the main concerns when you are choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia. Luckily, in Saudi Arabia, security measures are excellent in most storage facilities. But, you should still be careful, and check this while you are in the inspection. See if units are in an enclosed area, is there a gate, security guards, cameras, is the area well lit, and similar.

Also, check if the guards are taking ids at the entrance. Some more advanced facilities are offering digital locks and eye or fingerprint scanners. While in other you will get a key and a lock. But it all depends on the value of your items and your preferences.

Choosing insurance

Even though most of the time you will have moving insurance for your items through a third-party policy, some storage companies may offer their own insurance. It will protect your items from any possible damage that could occur while your items are in the facility. It will give you peace of mind and you will be sure that all damage will be compensated by the storage company.

calculating insurance when Choosing a Storage Company in Saudi Arabia
Don’t forget about insurance

Think about the size of the unit when choosing a storage company in Saudi Arabia

Of course, one of the important things to watch out for is the sizes of storage units the company is offering. Everyone has different needs, and only you know what are yours at this point. But make sure that you have enough space to store all your current items and to leave enough space to move around. Also, think about the future.

Are you going to store other items in the near future? If the answer is yes, think about it when you are choosing the size of your unit. You do not want to come into a situation where you have to move all your items to a bigger unit just because you didn’t plan for other items.

Learn what you can and cannot store in your storage facility

It is always to be acquainted with the rules regarding the items that you can and cannot store inside a storage unit. Some facilities have strict rules about it. While others do not have any guidelines.

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