Cold chain logistics in flower delivery – all you need to know

Many businesses are turning to an online way of selling and working. The rise of e-commerce is growing each day, ever since the pandemic of the coronavirus has begun. This means that businesses had to readjust their working environments and the way they condone business. However, today we will talk about cold chain logistics in flower delivery. More importantly, we talk about everything you need to know to safely transport plants from one location to another. Due to their fragile state and the special conditions, they need to survive, you should pay close attention to how you transport them.

Cold chain logistics in flower delivery – what does that mean?

Cold chain logistics, especially in businesses that work with flowers and plants, is an important factor that determines the overall condition of plants and how they arrive. It is a process of transporting goods that require temperature control. It is used for the transportation of:

  • Temperature-sensitive food
  • Bio-pharmaceutical products
  • Beverages
  • Plants and flowers
a white truck on the road beneath the mountains as a part of the cold chain logistics in flower delivery
Shipping items with special condition requirements will require expensive vehicles, equipment, conditions, and personnel

This process does not begin with the transportation phase. It impacts every step of the supply chain, from transport, storage and transportation to the end-consumer. So, for instance, if you plan on relocating something that requires temperature control, movers in KSA should make sure that the item preserves the condition throughout the process.

Cold chain plays a big role in the quality of the product you receive

If you are someone who loves having various plants in your home – you will probably care about the condition they arrive in. Especially if you are a fan of more exotic or foreign plants. So, if you order flowers or plants from another country, for example, cargo services in KSA should make sure that the plants arrive safely and in their mint condition. That is why cold chain logistics in flower delivery play a massive role. With proper temperature control and special conditions to preserve the item state, cargo services, as well as the delivery services, need to pay attention to the temperature they are moving and storing these items in.

a man driving a forklift and carrying items inside a warehouse
The proper usage of climate-controlled warehouses, as well as proper equipment, is one of the best ways to preserve the condition of plants and flowers for as much as possible

Cold chain logistics in flower delivery mean chasing the clock

If a product, like plants and flowers, requests special conditions to arrive safely – it is a race with the clock. Even though all the conditions are provided, they should arrive as quickly as possible. This eliminates all the potential damages and threats to the plant itself. Growers have to work on a way to deliver their products to their customers as fast, and safe, as possible. So, for instance, the items will have very little time to arrive from climate-controlled storage KSA to the desired location.

A variety of factors will impact the condition of the items you are shipping

A business that provides items that are perishable must view logistics as an important part of their business. Cold chain logistics in flower delivery must consider the quality and condition of plants they are shipping at all times.

Moreover, as moving in temperature-controlled conditions gets expensive, there is a variety of other factors to include. Such are: the weather every step of the process, the temperature tolerance of the items sent, the expected delivery dates, etc. Utilizing the benefits of cold chain warehouses is one of the best ways to secure the quality of a product being sent.



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