Cold chain warehousing solutions

If you need to bring food from one side of the world to another, you are going to need cold chain warehousing solutions, simple as that. Your packers and movers in Saudi Arabia can deliver your items without you worrying about them spoiling. But how exactly does this all work? What are these cold chain solutions and what is there to know about them? This article is going to cover all of that, as well as provide you with some expert advice on utilizing such chains.

What do you need to know about cold chain warehousing solutions?

First of all, cold storage refers to storing items in an environment that prevents any sort of decay. There are three main ways to go about it.

First, a manufacturer can have their own cold storing facility, where they store their products before shipping them to the end-user. Second, the end-users themselves may have cold storage of their own, to store their items before they need to use them. The last (and the most common way) is to outsource storage to cold chain logistics companies. They take all the responsibility of storing items at both ends, which makes the whole process a lot easier. Every business has its own preferences, which dictate which method to use. For example, the best option for a hotel is to have its own cold storage where they store their groceries. Whereas a company that deals in dairy products may want to use a logistics company for their storing needs.

A refrigerated container can be mobile, a real boon to some businesses.

What kind of cold chain warehousing solutions exists?

The main types of cold warehousing solutions are:

  • Cold Rooms
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Blast freezers
  • Plant-attached cold storage
  • Pharmaceutical cold storage

Cold Rooms

The simplest solution for your cold storage is the cold room. This is one of those times where it is exactly what it sounds like. A cold room where your belongings will be kept fresh. The main benefit of such a solution is that it can be really large and store a variety of items. They are mostly used by professional logistics companies and can be a part of relocation services. You can have multiple customers store their belongings here, all at the same cost. Of course, smaller cold rooms are also a good way for a business to keep their items from succumbing to decay.

Refrigerated containers

But if you want the most cost-effective cold warehousing option, refrigerated containers are the prime choice. Their only limit is the available space, which is much smaller than what cold rooms can offer. However, they have the additional benefit of being mobile, which gives them a lot of flexibility. You can even combine warehouse services with them, to great effect. If you need to store a small number of products that are sensitive to temperature changes, these containers are the way to go. There are many companies that offer such solutions, so finding one will not pose a problem. All you need to figure out is the size of the container and where to store it.

Refrigerated containers are the most cost-effective option of them all.


Cold chain warehousing solutions – Blast freezers

Now we come to the really cool stuff. If you need your items really cold, really fast, blast freezers are where it’s at. They are mostly used in the catering industry, as well as in large restaurant chains. This solution offers rapid chilling of any food, which makes its transport a lot more feasible. They are quite expensive to operate and maintain, though, so not every business will have access to them. But when it comes to pure chilling power, this is the best option, by far. Before you choose to go with this solution, however, make sure that you actually need it. Otherwise, you may be spending a lot of money that you could have invested elsewhere. If a cold room will suffice, why go for a high-tech blast freezer, after all?

Plant-attached cold storage

This is the perfect solution for manufacturing businesses. It does not involve plants as organic material, however. Here’s how the plant-attached cold storage works: It utilizes a conveyor system that transports goods from manufacturing straight to cold storage. All of this happens on-site, with a minimal amount of delay. This streamlines the delivery and heavily improves productivity. These solutions do have a hefty price tag, though, so they are not always the best option. But if you want to have maximum efficiency, this is the go-to option.

Most manufacturers prefer to go with a plant-attached cold storage solution.


Pharmaceutical cold storage

If you need to store sensitive products, there is no better option than pharmaceutical cold storage. These units feature state-of-the-art systems and features, which ensure the exact temperature throughout the unit. They are mostly utilized in hospitals and research institutions, where there is a real need for precise temperatures. Most businesses will never need this solution, however, but if you need to store medicine, vaccines, or similar items, you will want them in there.

Different products have different requirements

Lastly, you need to understand that choosing the best solution is mainly dependant on the product itself. Before you make the choice, you need to know the optimal storing temperature, as well as how much time the product can be “in the open”. After you figure that out, you can then choose among the solutions and find the most cost-effective one. Do note that you can always outsource your cold storage to professional storage companies, which will make the whole logistics ordeal much easier.

Having an on-site cold storage facility is certainly convenient but is not always the best thing to do. Carefully analyze the needs of your business and your product and you will have no trouble in choosing the perfect solution. Be sure to account for the preferences of your customers, as well. Take care of all the small details and the big picture will fall in line.

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