Common air freight complications

Moving your goods by yourself is one thing. But, shipping them via air freight from Saudi Arabia to Philippines, is something completely different. There are multiple requests and rules that must be followed. Everything needs to be done by the law and everything must be regulated. These days, due to frequent security and safety issues the whole shipping process is more complex than you may think.  Therefore, before you make a decision to ship your stuff via plane, make sure you have all the information on how it’s done.  So, here are some common air freight complications that you can come across.

Packing issues as common air freight complications

One of the common air freight complications is a wrongly packed package. When it comes to packing a shipment that is about to be loaded into an airplane, you must meet certain rules, regulations, standards, and laws. Every deviation will result in severe shipment delays and further legal complications. Package dimensions (height, length, width) and the weight of every package must be by airline and worldwide standards. If they do not meet these standards, the package must be repacked. This repacking takes days, sometimes even weeks. Therefore, avoid a delay caused by a wrongly packed package. Make sure you hire the best relocation companies in Jeddah

A man using a scanner for the airway bill to avoid paperwork that is one of the most common air freight complications
Proper packing and labeling are of the utmost importance when you are shipping your goods via air freight.


One more common air freight complication is labeling. You must label your package by certain standards as well. The package label must contain information about the shipper and the receiver. If not, in case your package is lost and there is no required information on the label, it can be lost forever. The label also needs to have a bar code so it can be entered into the system.  Also, your package must have handling symbols. These symbols are there to determine the handling of the package (must be kept dry, flammable, hazardous, fragile, etc.) 

Shipping hazardous items via airplane

Before shipping your goods, it needs to be determent whether the goods are hazardous or not. If your goods are hazardous, the procedure changes drastically. Hazardous goods are treated with extreme caution. Professionals use special vehicles for transporting, loading, and unloading this type of shipment. They must pack and document everything properly. They must have the IATA (The International Air Transport Association as well. Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods. Hazardous goods are one of the most usual common air freight complications. Here is a list of some possible hazardous goods:

  • Liquids with ingredients that are flammable (acid, ethanol, pesticides…)
  • Anything that might have oil or gasoline
  • Batteries (Zinc-Air Batteries, Lithium Batteries, Alkaline Batteries) are usually among common air freight complications since people put them in devices that they are sending

All packages that contain liquids must pass a pressure differential test. You can find details on this in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Hazard black-yellow stripes pattern
Make sure you mark your shipment is properly if it’s hazardous.

Delays as another one of the most common air freight complications

There are various reasons why your air freight shipment can be delayed. Unfavorable weather conditions can be one of them. Storms, blizzards, etc. Sometimes a shipment can stay at the airport because there wasn’t enough space on the plane for it. It can also stay at the airport upon its arrival if there are any special requests for the collection (cranes, special trucks…) Delays on the customs or some customs special requests can also detain it. Another reason can be an incorrectly documented shipment. That means that some paperwork is not correct. It wasn’t filled in properly or is missing. You can lose your cargo as well. All of it or even partially, sometimes one out of two boxes or crates can be missing. All these possibilities can have a huge impact on the delay of your shipment.

Other common air freight complications

Fuel prices, that are going up and down, can also be one of the common air freight complications. Fuel prices affect the cost of everything.  Shipping cost, packing fee, the cost of airport storage, etc. Another one is security. Security is probably the biggest complication air freight companies are facing today. They are responsible for the safety of shipments and of the employees handling them.  Everything needs to be checked multiple times. Airport staff must be absolutely sure that everything is by the book. There is no room for mistakes. Especially now with the Covid19 situation. The current situation in the world made everything significantly more difficult and slower. This is something you should take under consideration when choosing the best way to transport your goods.

Security cameras
Security cameras at the airport can help in keeping your employees safe.

Let’s sum this up

As you can see, there are quite a few common air freight complications.  There are a lot of rules, regulations, standards, and laws that you have to go by. And, if you miss something out, the consequences can be quite big. Your cargo can never reach its destination. From packing to labeling, loading, and unloading. there are many things that you have to take under consideration. This is why it would be best if you hire a professional air freight company to sort this out for you. They can organize and plan your whole shipment. You won’t need to worry about whether you have packed your goods the right way or even if the box dimensions meet the required standards. All you have to do is prepare the goods you want to ship and professionals will take over from there. Good luck.

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