Common mistakes in import & export

Being an active participant in the trading industry can allow you to flourish in the business world. It can bring you prosperity, stable income, and financial safety. However, as is the case with any other branch, you have to be careful and strategical about it. Whether you are already on the right track, or facing some complications, or perhaps, completely new to the whole experience, you may have some doubts. In any professional area, there is always some room for improvement left. If you want to make sure that your trading company moves along the right track, you will want to avoid any unnecessary complications and risks. Therefore, we have prepared a list of some of the most common mistakes in import & export business, and the adequate solutions. With the help of our tips and the right and quality logistics company, your business will be flourishing in no time!

Some of the most common mistakes in import & export people tend to make at the beginning

Every business is challenging. Import and export business is not an exception. Therefore, it is important to for you to be familiar with the things that can jeopardize your success.

colorful cargo at the port
If you want to make every part of your professional journey smooth, you should avoid some common mistakes in import & export.

Here are some of them:

Not being well-informed

When trying to avoid the mistakes that people involved in import & export business commonly make, the first step is informing yourself. The lack of adequate knowledge in the field is one the starters’ mistakes. You should prevent it by all means. This will further prevent any misunderstandings with clients. Additionally, lack of information will increase the costs. Therefore, it is crucial to be careful and well-informed about procedures, laws and regulations.

Organizing the whole operation without thorough planning could cost you money and stress you out. In this expanding business, you should strive to do your best. Never allow yourself to be lazy when it comes to good preparation!

Not enough planning when it comes to budget can lead to common mistakes in import & export business

Every new business owner should be aware of their potential costs. The difference between a bad one and a good one is that a latter is well-informed when it comes to finances. If you are in trading business, especially international, inform yourself about exchange rates and currency fluctuations. You can avoid the possible financial pitfalls by consulting your banker and by carefully planning your costs.

shiny coins one on top of another and a wall clock behind them
Make time to properly plan when it comes to money invested in the business.

Not knowing the regulations of the country you are doing the business with

Many people in import and export business make mistakes by forgetting that not every country has the same laws and regulations as theirs. Always keep in mind that many countries you may be trading with could have different norms. There can be possible restrictions of certain goods, and you should do thorough investigation before making a deal. Also, pay attention to the norms concerning the quantity of the exported goods.

Furthermore, try to get enough knowledge when it comes to packing and labeling of the shipments. This is especially the case when doing import-export business with countries where the different language is spoken. Be a reliable and thoughtful client and pay attention to any language laws that may concern the country you are importing to.

Pay attention to the details

Some things may not seem so crucial at the first glance. Many people neglect them. However, this often proves to be a huge mistake. In order to save time, money and reputation, make sure you are paying attention to some basics listed bellow:

  • Suitable knowledge of Incoterms, which stands for International Commercial Terms
  • Familiarity with control and import restrictions
  • Having and keeping the entire documentation
  • Checking the reliability of the client you are signing a contract with
  • Invest in cargo insurance in case any of the goods are misplaced or damaged
  • Do your shipping with the help of the reliable national shipping company of Saudi Arabia
cargo colorful
Make sure your cargo is secured and insured!


People trying to do it all by themselves is one of the most common mistakes in import & export business

Sometimes it is not easy to admit to yourself and others that you need some help. But reaching out to professionals, especially when it comes to business, can only be a sign of practical thinking and the will to succeed. One of the crucial mistakes that lead to failure in import and export business is trying to do it all by yourself.

This will cost you money, time and leave you stressed-out and drained. Furthermore, without the appropriate guidance and help, your possibilities are limited and even your reputation could be at risk.

People in trading business sometimes fail due to the fact they did not reach out for the help of the logistics company

A good and reliable logistics company will help you with understanding the rules and regulations which are crucial if you want to prevent common mistakes in import & export.  It will offer you quick and professional help with every possible thing you can think of regarding trading. If you hire, for example, one of the import export companies in Saudi Arabia, you will get more than guidance. Such companies do the most important tasks for you. Some of these include equipping you with all the necessary documentation, in addition to transportation and shipping.

You should never hire an unreliable broker or an unprofessional company for doing import and export for you. This may seem like an easy task. However, many people in trading business tend to make such a mistake. For example, by hiring an unreliable customs broker, people risk their documentation not to be verified and regulations are often not met when they should be.

Hiring the first logistics company they come across can bring many disappointments and complications. Needless to say, it will cost you your time, money and nerves. Therefore, do a thorough research before hiring a logistics company. They should be experienced, professional and reliable. So, when you find such company, do not hesitate to call! We hope this text prepared you enough to avoid the most common mistakes in import & export business. When you are well-informed, prepared and assisted with the right logistics company, you are already on your way to succeed. Best of luck!

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