International destinations with the harshest shipping restrictions

The rise of eCommerce in today’s climate allowed businesses to get in touch with clients around the world. However, there are several destinations with the harshest shipping restrictions you should know about before you decide to send your items there. Different countries have different laws and regulations to what can come in and out of their country. So, before you decide to hire movers and packers Jeddah, make sure you know that your items will not be detained at the customs. Regardless if you are sending your items straight from your company, or are using a logistics company. Sending an item, that is forbidden, to another country will not only mean you will have customs issues. Apart from your items being held at the border, you can get in legal trouble.

Before we talk about destinations with the harshest shipping restrictions: What you should know?

  • Restricted items: Each country will have different rules and regulations regarding the items that you can bring inside. It is important that you research these regulations before you decide to sell items in that country.
  • The customs, duties, and taxes: Before you decide to export or import, make sure you have all the required country-specific documentation. As customs, duties, and taxes can become quite complex, proper documentation will help you overcome the issue. Moreover, make sure you calculate how much the taxes or duties are going to cost you.
a white truck at the customs of one of the destinations with the harshest shipping restrictions
Make sure you know about the duty and tax rates before you decide to send your items to another country
  • Packaging: As there are packaging restrictions that vary from country to country, you have to make sure your item has a proper package in coordination with the county’s rules. Hire packaging companies in Saudi Arabia to make sure you avoid potential issues. Also, make sure you label the packages.


One of the biggest issues with India is the high duty and the requirement of various documentation upon entry of shipments. The reason why this is one of the destinations with the harshest shipping restrictions is that the import tariffs for most products are around 22%. On top of that, the receiver of the item must fill in a lot of paperwork in order to pick up your package. Otherwise, they might send the package back.


Sending commercial goods or electronics will usually run upon strict customs compliance. In many cases, packages sent to Russia can spend days at the customs office.

a ship on the docks unloading containers
Russia has strict customs rules and your items will most likely spend a large portion of time being at the border

This is mostly because the customs often check each package individually before deciding to let it into the country. Especially today, when the shipping industry adapts to the new changes in the world.

China as one of the destinations with the harshest shipping restrictions

A strict clearance process and high costs of delivery are just some of the restrictions you might face in China. Another reason why China is one of the destinations with the harshest shipping restrictions is due to its big territory. Even if your item gets through customs, the delivery time will be slow. However, if you want to speed it up you will have to pay extra.

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