Common Warehouse Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Running a warehouse has become much more complicated than in the past. Over the last couple of years all relocation companies in Jeddah, have given their best to evolve their business. Some opened storage services, others opted for warehouse facilities, and so on. As running a warehouse isn’t easy we decided to help you out and tell you some common warehouse maintenance mistakes to avoid.

Poor planning

When you first decide to run a warehouse business, and finally find the best warehouse Jeddah has to offer you will need to know the importance of planning. As a matter of fact, poor planning is the number one enemy of all warehouse owners and workers! When we say bad planning we are talking about two things.

  1. Internal planning on the work ethics, placement, shifts, and other important details.
  2. Planning for the future, and constant investment and evolution in the systems, equipment, and procedures.
Man with a tablet looking for the most common warehouse maintenance mistakes to avoid.
A simple inspection inside a facility will help you find any of the most common warehouse maintenance mistakes to avoid!

Bad inventory tracking

One of the most common mistakes, that is found in warehouses is bad inventory tracking. Although this can easily be fixed, many international movers in Riyadh forget about the small details. Of course thanks to computers and other types of technology it has become quite easy for people to track items. Going as far as making special programs that will do exactly that!

Lack of staff training

One of the most common warehouse maintenance mistakes to avoid is hiring inexperienced staff. Or failing to provide adequate training to inexperienced new workers. Not only is this a quick recipe for disaster, but it will make a lot of problems in different fields. You should always strive to hire good workers. For instance, would relocation services Saudi Arabia movers offer, hire people that have 0 experience in moving? Of course not. That also applies to warehouses.

Three workers talking in a warehouse.
All new workers must have at least some form of training or experience before starting to work.

Maintain a clean warehouse

Having a clean and organized warehouse will help you more than you think. Not only will things be more organized but you will avoid many mishaps and dangerous situations. For this, you can employ experts, that already know how to remove stains from concrete, clean specific areas, be fast, and so on. Or you can hire your own team of cleaners to do the job.

Overlapping shipping & receiving areas

One mistake that can affect your warehouse greatly is overlapping your shipping and receiving areas! Among the most common warehouse maintenance mistakes to avoid, this is perhaps the most annoying one. Not separating these two will lead you to a lot of chaos, confusion, mistakes as well as a loss of time. Especially during peak seasons when your hands, and warehouse will be filled to the brink. So we always recommend separating the two areas! Sometimes as far as placing them on completely different ends of the warehouse.

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