Comprehensive International Moving Timeline

Moving overseas will take lots of time and energy to set up. Hopefully, you will know about the relocati0n at least a few months in advance. This will give you a chance to prepare for the move meticulously and thoroughly. Whether you are moving with children or by yourself, there are some things that hold true in both situations. With some careful planning and the help of the best movers in Jeddah, you will have no problem with your long-distance relocation. So, read on to see our comprehensive international moving timeline.

Three months before moving

Careful preparation is key to a stress-free move. So, the first step in the moving timeline is to make a detailed plan that is suitable for your needs. We have listed a few guidelines below, so feel free to use them as a base when you make your own timeline. By making a solid plan well in advance, you will feel less stressed and you will be able to complete all the important tasks in a timely manner.

Person writing a checklist for a comprehensive international moving timeline
Crete detailed checklists as part of your comprehensive international moving timeline

An important point in a comprehensive international moving timeline is to acquire all legal documents

When moving to a new country, you will definitely have to do a lot of paperwork. Some of the more important documents are a visa (if the country requires one), and a work or residency permit. Also, check the expiration date on your passport and get it renewed if it expires soon.

The next step in the moving timeline is to hire a moving company

Moving internationally is no small feat. No matter how well-organized you might be, it is always better to hire a professional moving company with this type of experience. Moving can quickly become overwhelming if we have to organize everything by ourselves, and we will not be saving that much money. Luckily, there are many reliable relocation services Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Two months before moving internationally

At this point, you still have a lot of time before the move, so you can start dealing with more time-consuming things, such as the visa application and the process of organizing all your belongings. These things take time, so do not put them off for later.

Apply for a visa when moving internationally

If the destination country requires an entry visa, then this is the perfect time to start the application process. You will probably need to gather different documents for the application. So, by starting around 8 weeks before departure, you will be able to gather all the documents and get the confirmation before departure.

Start the downsizing and packing process as the next step in your international moving timeline

Moving to a new place is the perfect time to organize your belongings and downsize your home. Also, this is a good time to make a packing schedule and start packing up some least essential things. Also, the international movers Jeddah can offer packing and storage services for all your items.

Man packing a box
Start packing on time when moving internationally

One-month checkpoint in your international moving timeline

Right now, moving day is approaching, so let’s move on to some essential things. The next thing on your comprehensive international moving timeline is to cancel all your subscriptions and to make a comprehensive logistics plan with your movers.

Cancel all subscriptions and utilities

Some companies have waiting periods of a few days (or even weeks) when canceling your services. So, contact all the providers, including cable, phone, and magazine subscriptions to arrange a time to disconnect or cancel the subscription.

Make a logistics plan for moving internationally

When moving house, there will surely be a few days between having to move out and moving into your new home. So, schedule all the packing and shipping dates with the moving companies in Jubail. Also, remember to book a hotel or ask your friends and family to put you up for a few days.

Two weeks on your international moving timeline

Two weeks before departure is a good time to start packing up your wardrobe and other small items. Hopefully, the majority of the packing will be completed by now. You should also remember to inform all necessary services about your forwarding address.

Pack up your belongings

It might seem a bit early, but you may have underestimated the volume of things that are left behind. So, by starting the packing early, you will still have time if you need to add some boxes to the shipping pile. Also, remember to set all the important documents aside to avoid packing them in one of the boxes.

Set up a forwarding address before moving

Around this time, you should go to the local post office and inform them of your forwarding address.

The final week of your comprehensive international moving timeline

Moving day is just around the corner, so you should be cleaning up everything at this time. Also, you can contact your movers to confirm all the moving and shipping dates, as well as the time you will be receiving the things at your new place.

Clean your old home before moving out

As we have said, you should clean up your old home before moving. If you own the place, this will give you a chance to rent it out while you are away. Also, you will go through the entire house once more to double-check if you have packed everything.

Cleaning supplies
Clean your old home thoroughly before moving out

Double-check all the documents and get the school records

Now is the time to double-check all the documents, too. Get your document folder and check each document to see if you have everything you need. If something is missing, you still have time to acquire it before moving.

As we have seen, creating a comprehensive international moving timeline can be a little time-consuming, but it is essential when planning a long-distance move. From getting all the legal documents together to deep cleaning your house before departure, following the timeline will help you stay on track when organizing your international move.

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