Countries with restricted shipping

Over and over again, we learn how important the shipping industry is to the whole world. Not only does it supply the whole world with the necessary food and medicine, but it also allows us to move from one continent to another. But shipping is also important when it comes to small items that we ship over long distances every day. However, some of them may be banned in some countries. It is good to do your research about countries with restricted shipping. With all of the necessary information, you will better understand the work that shipping and logistics companies do daily.

Countries with restricted shipping – everything you should know

There are a few things you should know before you send something to another country. Of course, you want the things you send to arrive on time and without any delays. In that case, it is good to research on time so that everything goes smoothly. Certain things are restricted or prohibited in some countries. There are various reasons for this. Some of them are that these things are dangerous, or they can cause damaging chemical reactions. Items you send must comply with national and international regulations. Our advice is to follow the updates that logistics companies made recently. This way you will avoid making shipping mistakes.

Ships in countries with restricted shipping
Countries with restricted shipping have special regulations for some items

Shipment restrictions caused by the pandemic

All these restrictions are additionally burdened by the situation with the coronavirus. As we already know, the pandemic was the beginning of change for the whole world. It has greatly influenced the shipping industry and the shipping of goods. This implies a reduced production due to the limited work of some businesses, and thus reduced availability of goods for some of the countries. In these difficult times, everyone is doing the best they can, and yet, sometimes it is difficult to avoid delays and cancellations. Like many other shipping companies, ours strives to better understand and improve the logistics Saudi Arabia in order to provide a better sipping service for everyone. Some of the countries for which shipping is currently restricted are:

  • Brunei

  • Cuba

  • Eritrea

  • French Guiana

  • Guadeloupe

  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic

  • Martinique

  • Mongolia

  • Myanmar

  • Reunion

  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon

  • Samoa

  • South Sudan

  • Tajikistan

  • Timor-Leste

  • Turkmenistan

  • Yemen

The pandemic also affected shipping to Saudi Arabia. People are waiting for their shipments longer than usual, and shipping companies are trying to find the best way to preserve the quality of services while respecting all measures related to the coronavirus. In general, the most important thing for everyone is to avoid risks and provide much-needed security. This primarily means working to improve the way they work and devising new strategies to digitize the shipping industry to some extent. That would mean the beginning of a new chapter of modernization that would help the whole world get the goods it needs without unexpected obstacles.

A photo of packages and containers waiting to be shipped
There are shipping restrictions in many countries as a cause of the pandemic

Restricted and prohibited items – what’s the difference?

You have to understand the difference between restricted and prohibited items when it comes to shipping. It is equally important to know what things this refers to. For starters, there are several reasons why there are restrictions on shipping some items. This can refer to the their packaging, or to their weight, quantity, or label. Sometimes the item itself can be in question. Those things that are prohibited cannot be shipped under any circumstances.

What not to send

  1. Restricted items – When it comes to restricted items, you must take into account how many of those items you can send. You can send some items under certain conditions because their chemical composition does not allow you to handle them lightly. It is essential to consider all the security reasons why you can’t ship something in a certain way. This is necessary above all to avoid damage or to prevent a fire. It is also important how you pack certain things for health reasons. You also try to think about other people’s goods that could be affected by what you send in terms of greater damage.
  2. Prohibited items – When it comes to prohibited items, this varies from country to country. These are items that you can’t to send to a country under any circumstances, and most of them could be considered illegal. First of all, be sure to do some research before you before you unknowingly¬†make a mistake. While for some countries it is perfectly fine to send certain items, in some these same items are strictly forbidden. If other packages are damaged because of yours, you may have to pay to make up for the damage. To avoid inconvenience, it is good to inform yourself in time.
  3. Valuable items – These items make up a special group and it is not a good idea to ship them. As much for obvious reasons, but also because of responsibilities, problems, and large amounts of money if any of it is damaged or lost. This primarily applies to important documents, money, expensive jewelry, and works of art. That’s why you should think about the value of the goods that you’re sending. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!
A photo of a man looking at a list
It’s important to be up to date with all of the information about shipping

Always be sure to get the right information about restrictions

In the end, wherever you want to send the goods, it is important that you have the accurate and correct information. The whole world is changing at a fast pace and everyone is trying to adapt as well as possible to the changes that are constantly coming. That is why it is important to always know all of the important information about all countries with restricted shipping. This way you will avoid waiting, delays and inconveniences, and your goods will arrive at the right location without any problems. Just try to follow the prohibited and limited shipping guidelines and everything will turn out exactly as you imagined. You will finally be able to relax and avoid worrying about all the things that could go wrong.

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