Items you cannot entrust to just anyone

If you’ve just started planning and packing for a move, you’re in for a wild journey. People tend to easily become overwhelmed by the sheer number of items in their homes. However, most of these things are just regular objects which make your everyday life a bit simpler. There’s no deeper meaning or specific value in them. This means that all you have to do is carefully place them in boxes and send them on their way. Still, you need to make sure your items are well and safe, and you can do this by hiring one of the best packers and movers in Saudi Arabia. Even so, there will be a few items you cannot entrust to just anyone on your packing list. In this text, we will focus on these items specifically, and tell you how to safely get them to your new home.

Never entrust important documents to just anyone

It goes without saying that nobody will steal or damage your documents on purpose. But you still never know what can happen and when you will need them. A good idea is to keep all of your moving-related documents neatly stacked in one folder or binder. You can then place it all in a small lockbox together with your personal papers, such as passports, medical records, and insurance policies. Make sure this box never leaves your side and nobody has access to it except you. Then, when one of the best packaging companies in Jeddah arrives at your home, you can just instruct them not to load those boxes on the truck. For easier transport, you can carry all of your documents in a briefcase. This solution works much better if you happen to be traveling by plane and can’t have a lockbox with you.

person signing documents they can't entrust anyone with
Personal documents carry a lot of vital information

Electronic items require good protection during a move

There are two very important reasons why you need to protect your devices when moving. Mainly, electronics are often very sensitive and fragile. And if you take into account their value and rarity, they are not something you can entrust to just anyone. It is worth mentioning that modern electronics are at the top of the list of items stolen during a relocation. Worst yet, if any devices that contain your personal information get stolen, you may become a victim of identity theft. Keep your laptops, cameras, phones, and other gadgets in your possession at all times. A good reason for this is the fact they can be really helpful in a pinch. There are many handy moving apps that can make your life easier, and the navigation features of your phone can be a lifesaver. Alternatively, they can be a great source of entertainment during a long relocation trip.

a table full of gadgets you cannot entrust to just anyone
Electronic gadgets are expensive and prone to damage

As we’ve mentioned before, electronics tend to easily and often get damaged during a move. This happens very often in long-distance moves, especially during the summer. High temperatures can do a great deal of damage to sensitive devices. With that in mind, it is a good idea to keep them in your car where the temperature control is better. When it comes to large TVs or computers, you need to make sure they are properly packed before handing them off to your movers. Use plenty of padding, like bubble wrap and packing peanuts, to avoid movement in transport, and pack them in reinforced cardboard boxes. For extra protection, label their boxes as fragile, so your movers know to take extra care when handling them.

Precious jewelry can easily get lost in a relocation

Jewelry is both very small and very expensive, which makes it a perfect candidate for mysteriously disappearing during a move. It is very easy to misplace a tiny ring in the whole moving chaos and never find it again. And it is even easier for someone to take that small ring and never return it, especially if it’s in the open. As unfortunate as it is, many people have fallen victim to dishonest movers and found their jewelry missing after moving. One of the ways to counter this is to entrust your items to reputable international movers only. The other way is to keep your jewels close to you because they too can get damaged in transit. Chains and necklaces may get tangled or broken, and gems can chip or crack.

person taking a vinyl record from a shelf
Collectible items have both a personal and monetary value

Family heirlooms have immeasurable sentimental value

If you lose any of the items we’ve talked about so far, you will go through a lot of headaches, and it may cost you some money. However, if you lose a family heirloom, you will suffer deep emotional distress. No amount of effort or money can ever bring an item like that back. Solely because they keep the memory of an important event or person in your life. No matter if the item in question is a golden necklace worth thousand, or a broken watch worth nothing, it is priceless to you. This is why you need to take good care of your heirlooms when the moving day arrives. Even tho items like this probably won’t get stolen, they might get lost or damaged. With that in mind, it is best to err on the side of caution and always keep them with you.

You cannot entrust collectibles and artwork to just anyone either

Art pieces are too delicate and valuable for you to just throw them in the back of a truck and hope for the best. If you have large paintings that can’t fit in your car, you need to get custom wooden crates specially designed to hold the artwork. Remember to use plenty of bubble wrap and foam sheets to keep everything well isolated and immobile. For minimal risk and time reduction, consider shipping your items by air. Collectible items that aren’t too bulky should go with you in the car for two reasons. Stamps or trading card collecting are items you cannot entrust to just anyone because, given their rarity, they certainly have some value. More importantly, they are priceless to you, so you don’t want anything happening to them. They will probably be fine in a moving box, but it is best not to risk it.

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