Custom Crating and Shipping Mistakes You Should Avoid

A good moving company knows how important are crating and shipping. These two items are crucial for the security of the transported goods. Mistakes during the crating and shipping can damage or even break goods. Therefore, to avoid this, the best national shipping company of Saudi Arabia offers you a list of custom crating and shipping mistakes you need to avoid.

Custom Crating and Shipping Mistakes You Should Avoid

Those who work often make mistakes. However, some mistakes can cost you a lot. For example- choosing non-reliable logistics services international can cost you a lot of money and patience. Therefore, it’s best to learn about them to avoid making them. These mistakes most commonly happen due to needing to save additional money. Therefore, the three most common custom carting and shipping mistakes are:

  • Choosing the wrong dimensions of the crate
  • Choosing the wrong way of shipping goods
  • Not caring about security
A ship in the sea
Choosing the wrong shipping way is a common custom crating and shipping mistake.

Wrong dimensions of the crate

Choosing the wrong dimensions of the crate is one of the most common customs crating and shipping mistakes. This usually happens if packaging companies in Jeddah want to save money by putting everything in one big crate. However, this can cause the goods to break or damage since there is usually too much space. If a company chooses a smaller crate and tries to fill it up, there is a chance some goods can be squished and change their shape. Therefore, opting for a smaller crate will not save up the money and can only damage the goods. Also, some items need to be shipped alone, such as delicate goods or valuable packages. Therefore, it’s not the best idea to transport everything in one big crate. However, cramping everything into smaller crates to save money also is not the best idea.

The wrong way of shipping is a shipping mistake

The wrong way of shipping is another common shipping mistake. You can ship some things anyhow. For example- a couch can be transported via moving truck or plane if necessary. However, most of the time, choosing the wrong and cheaper way of shipping won’t save you money. Some companies choose road shipping, which can take more time, but less money. For example- temperature controlled shipping companies should opt for air transportation since it’s faster and safer. If you are transporting delicate goods such as vaccines and drugs, transporting them via road shipping would be a big mistake. If your client is moving to another country, a faster and better way of shipping is via plane and not via roadways.

Wooden crates
Choosing a way smaller or bigger crate is a common mistake.

Not caring about security- shipping and crating mistake

Not caring enough about security is another mistake. For example- not securing packages and crates before the shipping. Not using enough wrapping supplies such as wrapping tape and wrapping bubbles. Putting heavier boxes on lighter boxes or not shutting the boxes are other custom crating and shipping mistakes you should avoid doing. Transporting both delicate and fragile items with big and heavy packages can lead to damage, which you can avoid by separating delicate packages from the rest of the goods.

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