Customs Clearance Process In Saudi Arabia: Easy Steps to Follow

There are a couple of things you should know when it comes to the customs clearance process. Especially when it comes to Saudi Arabia. And that is exactly why the best customs clearing agents in Bahrain came to the idea to help you with some advice. So, here is some advice about the customs clearance process in Saudi Arabia.

The self-assessment

The first thing you should do before packers and movers in Saudi Arabia get involved, is to self asses the export items. Self-assessment means you are expected to report the correct category. As well as the rate of duty, and the worth of the items. You also need to declare the exemption information accurately while writing the shipping bill. Papers forged at this stage are not only a few- there’s the consular invoice, the commercial invoice and packing list, the certificate of origin, the insurance certificate, and so on.

A man signing the documents for the customs clearance process In Saudi Arabia.
Half of the customs clearance process In Saudi Arabia consists of accurate paperwork provided prior to shipping.

Shipping bill

It is only natural that there will be a shipping bill when you send something through the cargo service in Saudi Arabia. The shipping bill is generated through the Saudi Arabia Customs system. It will hold multiple documents. The documents will explain the exact bill, and will at the same time explain it in detail.

The shipping bill is an important record given to you by the CSC (Customs Service Centre). It is given after the sender applies to acquire this bill. This bill enables the people sending to get customs clearance, as well as load the goods, and claim duty drawbacks.


After the item arrives at custom clearance Saudi Arabia workers need to start the verification process. After the packages arrive there are people that will look through them. They need to verify that the goods are received, and mark the copy of the shipping bill electronically. That is later passed along with the documents provided to the appraiser. This will show that the goods have made their way to customs clearance.


The appraiser selects a worker that will do his best to examine the items. No matter how you pack the items for shipping, they are allowed to open and examine them. The items must match all the documents provided. Or to be more exact, they need to match the self-assessment that was filled when they were shipped. For example, if you are shipping a flat-screen tv, then the descriptions, value, and other information must all match. Sometimes a sample can be used to be tested, in order to make sure that it matches the description.

A woman showing your paperwork.
All items that arrive have to match the description, price, and other details provided about them.

The green light

The customs clearance process in Saudi Arabia is not hard to understand. As soon as the items are examined they can be given the green light meaning that they match everything perfectly. This information will be logged into the system as well as the paperwork. And only after that is done can the process continue. As long as you stay true to the assessment there won’t be any complications, and your items will be delivered safe and sound.

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