Documents Required for Exporting from Saudi Arabia

When you want to export from Saudi Arabia, the documents you show are very important! You need to clear customs so that you can export your goods. Are you overwhelmed by information on export, for instance? Or do you have trouble knowing where to look? You can hire, and they will help you with documents. Just read this article and you will know the documents required for exporting from Saudi Arabia.

Why do you need to know what documents required for exporting from Saudi Arabia are?

It is important to understand which documents are required for the export from Saudi Arabia. If you want your exports to go smoothly you have to prepare everything in advance. Also, you need to correctly fill out all documents which you will need for export. Otherwise, you might miss a shipment or have extra costs. But, don’t worry! Logistics companies in Saudi Arabia will help you prepare everything on time and avoid stress in the process!

Two men talking about documents required for exporting from Saudi Arabia
Two men talking about documents required for exporting from Saudi Arabia

The first steps you need to take before exporting goods from Saudi Arabia

First, you need to register with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment (also called MCI). From them, you will need to get a license or permit in order to start exporting.

Second, the items you plan on exporting need to be up to the SASO standards. The SASO (The Saudi Standards) is a government body in Saudi Arabia that checks standards and quality. The export items should comply with SASO standards, or otherwise, it may slow down the export process. If your items don’t comply with these standards, then you might run into problems. Luckily, companies like Four Winds offer custom clearance and freight forwarding. They make sure all documentation is provided and your goods clear customs! These two steps are a must when you are preparing the required documents and starting to export from Saudi Arabia!

Two men talking about documents required for exporting from Saudi Arabia
Stay informed and avoid complications!

Which documents do you need to export goods from Saudi Arabia?

  1. Customs entry document: A document prepared by your customs broker or exporter
  2. Customs declarations: Export customs clearance declarations
  3. Export license: A government document that gives you permission to make a specific export  (obtained from a government agency of Saudi Arabia)
  4. Purchase order or letter of credit: A document exchanged between Saudi Arabia exporter and overseas buyer of goods
  5. Commercial invoice: An invoice issued by the seller of goods
  6. Consular Invoice:  An invoice issued by the embassy that is needed sometimes
  7. Certificate of Origin: A document issued by the authority of Saudi Arabia
  8. Insurance Certificate: This is a document the government authorized insurance service provider issues
  9. Certificates of Inspection: A document to inspect export goods and this has to come from an internationally recognized inspection agency like SGS or BVQI.
  10. Certificate of Analysis: This is a document that you might need. But only if the buyer insists on a certificate of analysis about the goods
  11. Weight Certificate: A document you need for various reasons, for example, quality of transport vessel, international rules, or getting export benefits from the government.

If you use the information in this article and do some research you will be fine to export goods! Above you have the documents required for exporting from Saudi Arabia. In addition, look at the other required steps you need to take. Do you still think you want professional help with this? Customs clearing agents in Bahrain can help you in making sure those shipments clear customs and are right on time!

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