Essential packing supplies for moving abroad

Moving to a new home is always a complex process that requires a lot of dedicated planning. Moving to a new home that is in another country is the same thing, but on a higher level. You will still definitely have to hire professionals to transport your belongings to your new home. You will also have to choose the perfect moving date, which will require balancing a lot of different things such as your old and new job, provided you have a partner or kids, your partner’s old and new job, as well as your children’s school. Then there is the whole “organizing the packing process” task. The date of your moving day will dictate the planning of all of these. One thing that you can start thinking about right away though, without having the moving day chosen, is which packing supplies for moving abroad will you need anyway.

So, what are the essential packing supplies for moving abroad? 

Well, the thing about packing supplies that you will need is that they are generally the same no matter whether you are moving to the neighboring city or across the world. The point of packing is that you want to protect your belongings as good as possible. So, you will use the same key packing supplies no matter whether you are planning a relocation to Saudi Arabia or from Saudi Arabia.

many boxes
Creating an inventory list can really help organize your move much more efficiently

The one thing though that you should bear in mind is that the country that you are moving may have some special requirements regarding packaging for certain types of items. Check this with the consular representatives of that state. You should also hire one of the packaging companies in Saudi Arabia to you help out. Having professionals handle your belongings is always a really smart move. 

Here is the list of key packing supplies 

  • Boxes – You will need either cardboard boxes or plastic moving boxes. The first ones you are most likely to buy, while the second option can also be provided through renting. In any case, you will need different sizes, from small to extra large boxes. Preparing an inventory list could be of great help in determining how many and which boxes will you need. 
  • Packing paper – You will need plenty of packing paper for securing the extra fragile or sharp items from potential damaging. 
Boxes are number one on the list of essential packing supplies for moving abroad
Whether you take plastic containers or plastic boxes, you will need a lot of them and in different sizes
  • Packing tape – Packing tape is one of the most basic packing supplies. You will use it to seal the boxes, but also to secure those fragile items form moving. 
  • Bubble cushioning – Another useful tool to protect the fragile, sensitive items. You should have a lot of it. It won’t fall to waste even if you pack all the key, fragile items safely and there is more left. 
  • A standard tool set – Tool sets are generally super important. If you do not have it, get it or at least borrow it for the duration of the packing process. You will need it for dissembling, and then assembling the furniture. Probably for other things too. 

This is it. Five key packing supplies to have for a move abroad. Good luck!

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