Essential Tips for Packing and Shipping Books

When dealing with some items, we need to be super careful during packing and shipping. Due to being fragile, there are many objects that deserve that special attention. Of course, you can always find shipping and logistics companies that will help you out greatly. But for people that wish to know about the essential tips for packing and shipping books, we got you covered!

Why should we pay special attention when packing and shipping books?

Many book lovers are already informed about how fragile books are. This is especially so when dealing with rare books as well as collectible ones. And even if they are average everyday books, they still deserve to be treated properly. From the packing itself to the environment there are many things to be aware of. As such, we made a few essential tips for packing and shipping books.

A man ready to use essential tips for packing and shipping books.
Essential tips for packing and shipping books will help you safely move!

What do you need in order to pack books?

There are a couple of things you will need in order to pack books properly. And all of these things are approved by Saudi customs clearance and are also easy to find.

  • Marker – You will need to mark boxes properly.
  • Sturdy cardboard boxes – Carefully pick out boxes as they are the first layer of protection.
  • Packing paper – Packing paper should be wrapped around the books.
  • Bubble wrap – This is needed in order to cushion the books.
  • Packing tape – Seal off the box from all sides.

Long-term book storage

If you require to keep books for any length of time, make sure the storage you pick out is dry and cool. And if your books are expensive, you may like to utilize acid-free paper rather than packing paper to cover them. Acid-free paper won’t turn yellow over a period of time. Also, make sure the books are clean before packing! You can find a warehouse for rent in Jeddah that has all of your needs covered! Essential tips for packing and shipping books, also need to cover storage.

Strengthen the book corners by carving pieces of cardboard

Tuck them into the correct form and ensure the book corners. Make sure that the protector stays in position when placing the book into the bubble envelope. This way, you can rest knowing that the edges will not get damaged or twisted during the shipping procedure. All of your collectibles deserve special attention.

Two old books.
Some books are extremely expensive and hard to find. So naturally, you will give them the best treatment.

Cover the book with gentle fabric before placing it in an envelope

It’s most suitable if the additional padding is created of cotton in case the box gets damp accidentally during shipping. Cotton or any other fabric that sponges moisture well will rescue the day if the box gets in touch with liquid or ends up being placed for a long someplace humid. Of course, if you use air cargo Bahrain, the chances of that happening are extremely low.

Are there any more essential tips for packing and shipping books? Put a fragment of cardboard under and above the book for further reinforcement, wrap it with tape and then place it inside the box. This way, the book will get some additional resistance against sharp things that may come into contact with the slipcover or pages and damage them.

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