Everything You Should Know Before Moving From Dammam to Jubail

So you’ve decided to move from a big city to a smaller one and that’s just great! We as one of the best moving companies in Saudi Arabia would like to help you out by discussing everything you should know before moving from Dammam to Jubail. Most people don’t like moving and it’s usually quite understandable. So we’ll talk about moving as well and help you out to move from one city to another and understand the pros and cons of moving to Jubail. So let’s take a deep breath and dive in.

You should compare the cost of living in Jubail to Dammam

The cost of living is generally lower in Jubail since it’s a smaller city. Jubail has a population above 684, 000 and Dammam has a population above 1,25 million which is almost double that of Jubail. This automatically makes the city more expensive in most countries across the globe. We as one of the leading moving companies in Jubail see that people are moving to Jubail daily. Now let’s take a look at monthly expenses and you’ll see why are they moving.

  • The cost of living per month with rent in Damma is $1004 vs $861 per month in Jubail  -per person
  • The cost of living for a family of four is $2305/month in Dammam compared to $2268 in Jubail
  • The price of food is the same so this is a tie (300 per person; $800 per family of four )
  • Transportation for one person is $125 per month in Dammam and $89per month in Jubail person
  • Transportation for a family of four is $250 for a whole month compared to $250 in Jubail
  • The average salary is $19,691.95/year  in Damma vs $23,683.56/year in Jubail
A woman talking with a man about things he should know before moving from Dammam to Jubail;
The cost of living is probably one of the main reasons why people are moving nowadays.

Although Dammam has one advantage, the city is bigger so it offers more choices. This is the main advantage of big cities since the opportunities seem endless compared to smaller cities. King Abdulaziz is the closest airport to Dammam and it’s 19km away, while the Jubail airport is 26km away from the city of Jubail. We do a lot of relocation services Saudi Arabia so we know this. Also if you need any more tips about moving check out our blog section, we’ve got a lot of topics and cities covered there.

You should know is Jubail safer than Dammam before moving

Now when it comes to crime rate comparison we can assure you that both cities are safe, but Jubail is a bit safer since it has an overall lower crime rate. So according to the website Numbeo walking during the night alone is very safe on a scale of 1 to 100; Jubail has a score of 82.45 and a score of 63.89 for walking alone during the day.  Furthermore, problems with corruption and bribery have a low rating of 35 in Jubail, compared to 45.83 in Dammam.

So don’t be worried about violent crimes, robberies, assaults, drug dealing, theft, etc. Crimes like these are more likely to happen in the US than in Saudi Arabia. The crime level of crime in Jubail is  16.39 compared to 58.22 in Los Angeles. You should think that the USA is one of the safest countries since it’s the first world country and people are civilized; on the contrary, it’s quite the opposite US has one of the highest crime rates in the world. According to Wikipedia’s list of countries by intentional homicide rate Saudi Arabia is 137th country and the US is 59th. So it means that the United States has more than double the amount of homicides than Saudi Arabia.

The best activities in Jubail

The best thing about Jubail is that it sits on the two best beaches in all of Saudi Arabia,  Al Fanateer Beach, and Al Nakheel Beach. At Al Nakheel Beach you can see a lot of boats, gardens, and flowers blossoming and it’s also a great place for a picnic. Al Fanateer beach is a sand beach and it’s as beautiful as Al Nakheel Beach. A lot of people will tell you that Al Fanateer is even more beautiful, but judge yourself by visiting both. As for shopping, there are plenty of stores and malls available. Some of the most famous places for shopping are Galleria Mall, Al-Huwailat shopping center, Jubail Mall, Fanateer Mall, etc.

We would also suggest to you to re-think about moving itself. Take a step back and think twice about DIY moving and hiring moving professionals. If you opt for hiring pros then this will be a bit more expensive. But if you want to DIY the move it’s ll take a lot more time. Also, there are no refunds and you’ll probably use that time working more to make money instead of packing old things. There are plenty of reliable movers and packers Dammam can offer, but be careful about the scammers. They’re everywhere these days so do your research online.

Inside a shopping mall;
There are plenty of options when it comes to shopping in Jubail.

Everything you should know before moving from Dammam to Jubail in a nutshell

Let’s do a quick recap of Jubail. First of all, it’s a beautiful city but smaller in comparison to Dammam. Secondly, both cities are safe but Jubail is a bit safer and there is less corruption in the city.  Jubail can offer you a lot of beautiful beaches and shopping malls as well as restaurants and cafes across the city. On the other hand, Dammam is a bit larger so it’ll have more shopping options as is normal. Dammam is also more expensive when it comes to the cost of living and you’ll find better-paid jobs in Jubail.

Thank you for reading this article these were some things that you should know before moving to Jubail in 2022. This is what think you should know before moving from Dammam to Jubail. We hope that you find this article useful and have a great time in Jubail.

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