Expats guide for moving to Jeddah

If you are moving to Saudi Arabia, you probably have many questions and uncertainties. Of course, whenever you are moving overseas, things are going to be complicated. Luckily not as you were sending sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia. But, enough so that you cannot do it without professional help. Therefore, one of your main tasks will be to find a reliable moving company that is capable of relocating you and your items internationally. However, even if you find perfect movers there will be many things that you will need to do if you want your relocation to go as planned. To help you, we have prepared this expats guide for moving to Jeddah.

Expats guide for moving to Jeddah – Steps

Moving overseas is complicated. There are so many things that you need to consider and do in order for things to go smoothly. If you never moved before, you will, of course, have trouble with organizing shipping to Saudi Arabia. To give you some insights, here is our expats guide for moving to Jeddah.

  • Learn about the required documentation and start gathering it.
  • Prepare a moving plan
  • Calculate your moving budget
  • Learn about your new home and prepare your moving inventory accordingly.
  • Find and hire a reliable international moving company
  • Get moving insurance
Buildings in Jeddah
Moving to Jeddah will be easy with your guide

When you are moving overseas, documentation will be the most important thing

Whenever you are moving overseas, documentation and different paperwork will be the most important things to do. And the things that you will have to do first. Of course, the required documentation depends on your passport and items you are carrying with you. As if you were planning to move your pet with you for example. Therefore, you need to find out what documents you need for moving to Saudi Arabia and start gathering them.

Because this can be a long and complicated process, it would be smart to start dealing with this as soon as possible. That way you will also have time to act if you run into some obstacles along the way. Two months before the move would be a good period in which you will probably be able to finish everything.

First of all, prepare a moving plan

While you are gathering the required documents, you should start planning your move. This means that you need to think about every step that you need to take and create a checklist that you will follow throughout your move. If you are moving for the first time, however, this probably sounds like an impossible task. Fortunately, there are many great articles online that could help you to learn about similar moving processes and create your plan.

Man thinking about the plan
One of the first things to do after reading our Expats guide for moving to Jeddah is to make a plan

Every expats guide for moving to Jeddah will tell you to prepare a moving budget before you start organizing your move

One of the most important things that you need to think about when moving to Saudi Arabia is your moving budget. International relocations are expensive so it is not strange why this is one of the most important items in our expats guidebook for moving to Jeddah. So before you start searching for moving companies in Jeddah, make sure that you learn about the upcoming expenses.

Learn about your new home and identify items that you will carry with you

Once you calculate your moving budget you should think about your moving inventory. Of course, this mostly depends on the type of home you are moving to. Whether it’s smaller than your old home. Is it fully or partially furnished? And will your old furniture fit in? That is why your task is to learn everything about your new home. That is the only way to decide which items to carry with you.

Of course, your goal is to carry as few items as possible. First, sea cargo Jeddah is not cheap. So if you carry fewer items, your relocation will be cheaper. If you, do not have to carry heavy furniture with you, the moving process will be much easier. Finally, if you gather enough items, you can sell them and earn some money along the way.

There are reasons why moving inventory list is in our expats guide for moving to Jeddah

After you decide which items you will want to move to Jeddah, you should make a list. Even though this seems insignificant, there is more than one reason why this is in our expats guide for moving to Jeddah. This list will help you to get more accurate moving estimates over the phone. You will know how much packing materials you need to prepare. And, finally, you can use it to check your items once they arrive in Saudi Arabia. If you find it difficult to write down every single item in your home, you can download a moving inventory app to help you out.

Make sure that you find and hire a reliable moving company when moving overseas

After you create a list of your items, you can start searching for international moving companies. Of course, as international relocations are difficult, you need to make sure that you will be working with capable professionals. That is why your focus must be on their reliability and professionalism, rather than on their prices and discounts.  Luckily, there are a few websites that could help you to determine the moving company’s reliability. Locate a few such companies and use your moving inventory list to get accurate estimates. Compare their prices and offers and pick the best one.

Using computer
Use the internet to locate the best international moving companies

Insurance is one of the most important items in our expats guide for moving to Jeddah

Even if you find and hire the most reliable moving company in the world, you shouldn’t rely on luck when it comes to overseas moving. These types of relocations are most complicated and there is a big chance that something will go wrong. Of course, the only way to make sure that you are protected is to get good moving insurance.

If you find reliable professionals you will have to trouble to move to Jeddah

This concludes our expats guide for moving to Jeddah. If you follow it through, you will have no trouble with moving to Jeddah. Just make sure that you work reliable shippers and you will be fine. Good Luck!

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