Expert Tips for Fast and Easy Shipping

Everyone likes to make their shipping experience as quick and hassle-free as possible without having to jump through hoops. Savings on items shipped here and there might add up to a significant amount of money in the future. With that in mind, the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia has made a list of tips for fast and easy shipping to help you pack your next package more efficiently.

Don’t overpack

Overpadding items might mean you have to use a bigger box than necessary. This increases the amount and cost of packing material. Also, it increases the price tag of the entire package. It is important to ensure you protect the item you’re sending with packing materials. However, you don’t need to overdo it. For example, when you send a watch, a few layers of bubble wrap will do it; the watch should still fit in a small box.

Man packing a box for fast and easy shipping
Don’t overpack your packages because it will increase the cost of packing material and the price tag of the package.

Get a packaging tape gun

If you’re using packing tape at home, there’s a chance you may be using one of the cheap applicators that came free with a roll of tape. Even though these get the job done, usually the tape falls back onto the roll, making it harder to use. One of the best tips for fast and easy shipping we can give you is to get a better tape applicator. It applies tape more smoothly, it’s easier to hold, and the tape doesn’t get stuck to itself. Also, the design makes it easier to get seal it tight at corners, so the box won’t end up getting get damaged or opens during transportation. This applicator might seem overkill, but it’ll help a lot.

Weigh small products with your kitchen scale

When you’re shipping to Saudi Arabia a lot of packages, especially smaller ones, costs money. To make sure you’re not spending extra when you ship, weigh every package using a kitchen scale to measure the weight of your packages.

Make sure you have all the required documents for shipping

To achieve Riyadh customs clearance fast and without any hassle, it’s important to have all the documents for the items you are shipping in order. Some of the most important documents can include export/import declarations, commercial invoices, and packing lists.

man holding white printer paper
One of the most important tips for fast and easy shipping is to have all the required documents.

Choose the right carrier for your needs

When you’re container shipping from UK to Saudi Arabia, make sure to choose the right carrier depending on the package. Also, it depends on how large your parcel is and where you’re sending it. Partner with trusted shipping and mailing companies for your different shipping needs.

We hope our tips for fast and easy shipping will help you with your next delivery

Running a business has its challenges, and you want to decrease expenses however you can. Following these tips for fast and easy shipping will help you increase your profit margins, and develop better customer relations.

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