Fastest and cheapest way to ship to Jubail

If you are shipping to Jubail, Saudi Arabia, you are in the right place. No matter if you are shipping a simple parcel, you need all the information and the most reliable company to help you. Here at Four Winds Saudi Arabia, we help you find the fastest and cheapest way to ship to Jubail.  When the time comes for your shipment, you will be assured that your parcel will arrive safely and on time.

Shipping to Jubail

On the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia, sits a beautiful city and port Jubail. Jubail has two seaports: the Jubail Commercial Seaport and the King Fahd Industrial Seaport. The city also has an airport carrying the same name. At 44,700 tons, Jubail ranks 92nd in the world for cargo volume, enabling air and sea freight to Saudi Arabia. You will be expected to fill out a customs form whenever you ship boxes to Jubail. Customs forms include all the information about your package.

On of the fastest and cheapest way to ship to Jubail is sea freight
Forwarding and shipping to Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to be challenging, but you need to find a reliable logistic company

In addition to determining your taxes, this will determine whether you are shipping anything that is prohibited. There are several factors that determine your tax. When shipping products for resale, you will be taxed at a higher rate than when shipping for personal reasons. This also goes for luxury items. So before shipping:

  • find the fastest and cheapest way to ship to Jubail
  • fill out the tax forms
  • inform yourself about prohibited items

Prohibited items to ship

You should know which service is right for your needs when sending items overseas, as well as whether the item you are sending is permitted in the country you are sending it to. There is also useful information here to ensure your order arrives quickly and safely. Before sending, make sure to read all about prohibited items to ship to Saudi Arabia. You can send almost anything to Al-Jubail, except for items that are not allowed to enter the country. Al-Jubail not only prohibits the transport of hazardous materials but also weapons, ammunition, alcohol, tobacco products, quickly perishable foods, narcotics, and psychotropic substances, animals, human remains, plants, etc.

Hand holding an airplane toy
Airfreight is one of the fasted ways to ship your packages, although not so cheap as sea freight

The fastest and cheapest way to ship to Jubail

You don’t have to use the slowest service to find the cheapest way to ship a package. Choose an offer with a balance of price and delivery time if the shipment delivery is not urgent. You can choose the express option if you would like the shipment to reach the consignee as soon as possible. Keep in mind that such services are not the cheapest. If you want an inbound shipment, there are plenty of logistics companies in Jeddah, on the opposite side of the Jubail that offer fast and cheap services.

If you are shipping internationally, you should use a cargo transport company. For the fastest and cheapest way to ship to Jubail, companies use air freight, but if your shipment is not as urgent, they will use sea freight. This is certainly one of the cheapest ways to ship, and also very safe. Another tip, one of the great options for packages under 5 pounds is using priority mail.

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