Frozen food shipping: what can go wrong?

The literally translated, name of this beautiful city of Riyadh means The Gardens which poetically represents the growing business potential that it provides. Amongst all of the different industries that this city is offering shipping and logistics companies are one of many that found potential to rise in Riyadh. We all know that the temperature here can be very high with a very short mild winter period, so the humidity levels can be one of the problems if you require frozen food shipping. Here are some more things that you should know.

What you should know when doing frozen food shipping

If you have ever experienced the shipping process you should know that anything can go wrong. Delayed order, wrong items sent, missing packages… The list can go on and on. Either you moving houses or you need frozen solids transportation for your business, let’s say shipping to Saudi Arabia, surely, you want to avoid any of those mistakes. Especially when you are dealing with temperature-sensitive food. You’ve got your items, you know where you need to transport them, so what’s the next step? Follow these instructions and you can be sure that everything will go smoothly.

  • Smart packaging- prevent inside and outside damage of your goods
  • Cold storage – find out about the best option for storing cold items
  • Speed is important – frozen food shipping cannot wait
  • Expiration date – not all of the frozen stuff can stay fresh forever

This shortlist can give you insight information about what we are going to talk about here, so keep track and find more about each step. We hope that these tips will make your work easier while dealing with the transportation of chilled food.

Nicely organised food storage used before frozen food shipping
It’s important to keep your packaging well maintained to prevent damage

Smart packing is important for frozen food shipping

One of the things that can go south with frozen food shipping can be bad packaging. Unrelated with the size of the packed foods you want to make sure that all of your goods are safe for shipment. Be certain that all of the packages are well closed before you proceed to the next step. Pay attention to keep your stuff frozen before you start packing. The next step should be wrapping it in. Try wrapping it in some kind of waterproof material so that you can prevent any leakage of the food and damaging to the packaging. Ensure that you have enough of the extra ice packs or dry ice to keep your food at the temperature that you need during the process of transportation.

Storage for chilled food

When it comes to keeping your food frozen you should know that if your storage it the right way you can prolong its shelf life and your products can remain fresh longer. Get informed about freezing specific types of food and about temperature levels that are allowed for the food store. For instance, most of the frozen food should be kept under –18°C. Therefore, you can check out warehouse Riyadh offers so that you can be certain that all of your frozen shipping supplies are well maintained and handled professionally. For example, fresh fruit and already frozen fruit needs to be kept differently. Also, you cannot store fish and other meats in the same way so you need to know these things before you start with frozen food shipping.

Woman collecting supplies from the supermarket
Prolong the shelf-life of your product by keeping them well frozen

Speed – frozen food shipping cannot wait

It’s not uncommon that food spoils or gets damaged during shipping. To avoid that kind of mistake you need to organize shipment to the last detail. Confirm once again that all of the frozen food shipping goods are well packed and in the right condition. After you are ready to start shipping calculate the approximate time it will take. Don’t be afraid to reach to one of the transport companies in Riyadh to help you with these issues. It could be extremely important to supervise and monitor your shipment during the whole process. Most of the chilled food can stay in that condition for about 30 hours but it depends on the way you are keeping it. Be aware that all of the aids you might use, such as dry ice, ice cubes, portable freezers also have a certain time that they can help you with keeping your goods frozen.

Moving company employee driving a moving truck
Find a reliable and well-organized moving company to fasten frozen food shipping

Look into the expiration date on packed food

Another common mistake is that all of the frozen food can stay fresh forever. That is so not true. We’ll take frozen pizza for example. You must know that all of the packed food always has an expiration date printed and a sell-by chilled date. Sometimes it happens that stores that are keeping these packed products, leave them a little longer than they should, and when you buy them without looking into the expiration date. You froze it again, and it stays in your refrigerator for a while, and now you find yourself in a situation where you want to have pizza for diner, you unfroze, it and it’s just no good! What a bummer, right? The same thing can happen with ice cream, vegetables (especially potatoes), those delicious frozen dough pastries. So please, always have a look into the expiration date especially before frozen supplies shipping.

Be prepared

In conclusion, don’t let yourself go through that unnecessary and unpleasant situation with making one of the common mistakes with transportation of your frozen food.  Validate everything. Have everything prepared in advance. If anything still happens try not to stress about it that much. Have a little time for yourself and maybe take some time to explore more about the ways to keep chilled food fresh. We are completely sure that if you have done all of the steps from above,  none of this is going to happen to you while doing frozen food shipping.

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