Fun Things To Do In KSA As A Newcomer

Finding interesting things to see and do in a new city is always an exciting process. And if you are to pinpoint Saudi Arabia, there will be a lot of things waiting for you! This country is already one of the leaders when it comes to successful tourism, so moving there surely sounds like a great thing to do. But, we can’t ignore the fact that Saudi Arabia is huge and that simply looking for suitable locations isn’t the solution. To make the post-relocation period more interesting, here are some fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer!

Knowing your priorities

Of course, not everyone loves the same things, so you probably have a unique list of things you like. Moving to a country like KSA requires a lot of planning, especially if you never had a chance to visit before. And while movers in Jeddah can take care of your items and make sure you arrive on time, you can focus on making a different kind of plan. Narrowing down things to see and do after the relocation is a great way to blend in faster, and get used to living in a different place better. There are two ways you can get to know Saudi Arabia before actually arriving and these are:

  • Informing yourself on the Internet
  • Getting information firsthand

Both methods have their pros and cons, and here you will find something for each category. As we helped many people move and settle in KSA, we can name a couple of places newcomers usually love!

The entrance to a garden.
Almost every city in Saudi Arabia has great parks and gardens you can enjoy!

Fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer

This country is home to 35.95 million people and has around 118 governorates. With this many places, it seems like the options are simply everywhere. Its capital, Riyadh, is usually at the top of the list when people are choosing a place to settle in, mainly because it has excellent job opportunities and many attractions. You should be very careful when choosing a place to move to, as people who move with their family and people who move alone may not be looking for the same things. Here are some of the best and the most interesting locations in Saudi Arabia both categories can try!

Edge of the World in Riyadh

If you find yourself in the capital city, there will be something interesting to do at every corner. But no matter in what part of the city movers and packers in Riyadh take you, you must visit The Edge of The World cliff. It is located 100 km from Riyadh and the total height of the cliff is 1.131 m2. The cliff itself is an unforgettable experience for all of those who love climbing and hiking, and once you reach the top, you will remember the view forever. You and other visitors will get a chance to see snail fossils, trees below the cliff, and people from all over the world. Since the journey there is not that short, make sure to organize it on time. Don’t forget to bring a camera even though the view will not let you take your eyes off it!

People on a cliff in the desert.
Visiting the Edge of the world is one of the fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer!

The Saudi National Museum

And while still in Riyadh, you shouldn’t skip visiting the Saudi National Museum. The entire establishment is the closest to a time machine you will ever get, as it has exhibitions from pre-historical to modern times. Visitors have a chance to see around 3,700 artifacts including statues, paintings, fossils, and similar discoveries. And after your first year in Riyadh, you will realize that the museum is hosting annual events and celebrates national holidays. The entire place will turn into a huge stage for different performances and conventions that will give you a better insight into the history of the country, and the world as well.

Riyadh Zoo

When it comes to visiting this place, it doesn’t matter if you will be moving alone or with your family. Visiting Riyadh zoo is one of the fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer no matter your age. The zoo was built in 1987 and today it is home to around 1.500 kinds of animals. They come from different parts of the world, and the zoo is working really hard to make them feel at home. So, once you get the tickets you will get to see giraffes, elephants, all kinds of birds and many other animals. And for those who always wanted to see special animals that are unfortunately endangered, we have some good news. Riyadh Zoo is home to the Bengal tiger, so brace yourself before visiting this majestic animal!

People walking down the street and looking for fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer.
Once you get tired from all that exploring, make sure to have a nice and unique meal in Jeddah.

Alshallal theme park in Jeddah is one of the fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer

Those moving to Jeddah with their kids will soon enough come across their favorite location! Alshallal theme park is one of the biggest attractions in the country, with more than a thousand visitors every day! Even before you enter the park you will hear the sounds of excitement all around, as there are countless rides and attractions in the park. The place has a great view of the Red Sea, and the restaurants within the park will serve as a perfect break from the fun, in case you need one! Probably the most notable ride is the Amazon Forest one as you can sail the boat, see the rocks, and enjoy the company of other people around you!

King Fahd Fountain

Another attraction in Jeddah that is more than 30 years old deserves your attention as well. The fountain is an absolutely breathtaking experience and is 312 meters high. Because of that, the further from the fountain you stand the better you will be able to see it. In its surroundings, there are multiple luxurious and low-budget hotels, and many of them offer an excellent view of the fountain. The best scenario is to make a reservation in one of the bars around the fountain at night, and wait for its light to turn on. This will be a perfect moment to see the fountain in its full glory and take some amazing photos!

Fakieh Aquarium

While being so close to the Red Sea, why not visit the biggest aquarium in the country? Ask your movers and packers in Riyadh about the quickest way to get here. Fakieh aquarium is home to 200 species, and almost half of them are native to the Red Sea waters. Visitors can enjoy multiple tunnels and pools surrounded by lights representing the natural environment of the sea life. And while you will see countless cute fish in this aquarium, there is one that remains the absolute hit when it comes to visiting this place. Yes, we are talking about the stonefish, which is the most venomous fish in the entire world! Don’t worry though, the fish is in its tank which makes this experience even better!

Fish swimming in the sea.
Visiting the aquarium will be a wonderful experience for you and your family!

Half Moon Bay in Dammam

Now, we move on to the city of Dammam, a wonderful place for all nature and cuisine lovers. It is the fifth largest city in KSA and with that, it has many interesting things to see and do. One of them surely is Half Moon Bay, a place with a long history and beauty that is out of this world. The bay itself is perfect for families with small kids as the water is not too deep and it is blue and clear most of the year. In the bay, there are many swimming and scuba diving instructors, so if you always wanted to try, this will be the chance to do it. Spending time here surely is the best during the summer, so make sure to let movers and packers Dammam know about the exact time of your relocation.

Modon Lake Park

Who is ready to have a picnic by the lake? Modon Lake Park is the perfect place for families as the green area is huge and perfect for your kids to play. Those who have pets can use the park for morning and night walks, just like many locals do. Once a year, the park is the home to certain events including the picnic week, fairs, and sports games. So, if you want to have a similar area in your neighborhood, then Dammam should probably be your choice. This exact location will be a perfect place to meet your new neighbors and get closer to the community after the relocation!

Visiting Barracuda Beach in Yanbu is one of the fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer

Yanbu is one of those cities in KSA that is famous for its pristine beaches. In fact, a lot of people will try to visit at least one of them no matter where in KSA they end up spending their holiday. But one of the most famous ones surely is Barracuda Beach. This will be a wonderful experience for those who love diving, as the sea life in these parts is very rich. Of course, with the right instructors, you will get to see schools of barracuda and even sharks if you dare! They will advise you to take on this adventure in the afternoon, as that is the best time for diving on these shores!

A person diving as an example of fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer.
One of the fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer is to try diving after you visit Barracuda Beach.

Once moving companies in Yanbu finalize your relocation, you should also visit the Yanbu Waterfront. You, your friends, or family members will love a nice walk in this area, especially during dusk!

Shopping Galleria Mall in Jubail is among the fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer

In case the road takes you to Jubail, soon enough you will need to know about the best place for shopping. Jubail is home to 684,531 people and even though it is less populous than other cities on the list it has an equal amount of beauty to offer. And while checking its parks and beaches will be a great thing to do, locals and tourists can’t skip visiting Galleria Mall at least once a day! After all, one of the fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer is to go shopping right away! The mall has many worldwide famous brands, as well as local ones.

For a very good price, you can find amazing clothes and shoes, but other things as well. If you plan on getting some new furniture after the relocation, you can get it from this place as well. Just let moving companies in Jubail and their movers transport the old ones first so that you have enough space for everything.

Never stop exploring Saudi Arabia

Now that you have a better insight into what to see and do after your relocation, it is time to make a more detailed plan. Your relocation to Saudi Arabia will be a much better experience if you surround yourself with professionals who can help you. Trust them with your inventory, while you leave plenty of time for yourself. Get to know the place you will be calling home, and make sure it is ready for your arrival. If you are moving for the first time, and never had a chance to visit this country before, their services will help you go through this relocation without stress. 

Ceramic dishes on the table.
Living and working in Saudi Arabia will be an experience of a lifetime, so you better enjoy it from the start!

And once you finally settle in, you will have all the time in the world to explore this wonderful country. Don’t rush to blend in, but instead let the community help you learn the tradition. With the right relocation services Saudi Arabia, you can be there in time for big celebrations which will get you closer to locals! Before you know it, you will realize why so many people decide to move there so often. After all, there will be countless fun things to do in KSA as a newcomer, but even more, once you officially become a resident!

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