Guide to finding a good business warehouse

Stock is one of the most essential aspects of any trading business. Companies need it in order to operate. Therefore, it is of the essence that you store your stock in a warehouse that suits your company’s needs. That is why our Four Winds Saudi Arabia experts are here for. Oftentimes, when businesses are looking to find an adequate warehouse premise, they become focused on two features: the space the facility can offer and where it is located. However, most of the time it is not as straightforward as simply looking at these characteristics. Other factors come into play when it comes to finding a good business warehouse. And for all those factors that may not have crossed your mind, this guide is here to help you.

Think carefully about what you need from a warehouse

When it comes to leasing storage amenities, you will need to put in less money at the start. This is because purchasing an entire building means you are spending quite a lot of money on it. You may need it for renovation or mortgage payments.

Buildings among clouds
Expanding your business is always a welcome change. It means that you are doing something well!
  • Namely, there is no down payment on a lease, which is amazing news! Moreover, you can try and negotiate monthly rent and score some free months.
  • On the other hand, the option of owning a building has a lot of benefits. When you own a property, you can deduct the taxes coming from it. Don’t neglect this tip, because these deductions can be quite significant!
  • If you’ve decided on finding a good business warehouse, you are also purchasing building equity, which matters for the business.
  • Finally, you don’t need to go hunting for good business storage warehouses again once your lease expires.
  • This means you can put your goods in the warehouse and keep them there for as long as you need to! Or simply call the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia to transport your goods to another facility! No matter how far the point of destination is.

Useful questions for finding a good business warehouse:

  • Try to envision your storage space. Can you clearly see what you want? What are your long-term requirements when it comes to finding a good business warehouse?
  • Is your enterprise still growing? You need to take this into account if you want to locate an adequate business warehouse! If you are still growing your company and diversifying it, make sure you think about the future as well in order to figure out what type of space you need!
  • What is the real estate market like in your area currently? Is it improving or worsening? These can be major indicators of whether buying a property right now will be good for your business!
  • How stable is the industry you are doing business in right now? What is your plan of action for the next five or ten years? Will you still need the business warehouse in this time period?
  • What is your budget like? If you have extra capital, can you afford to buy a warehouse? How will leasing impact your spendings every month? Is there a way to reinvest in your enterprise in order to expand in any different way?
What are the ways in which one warehouse stands out against all others?

1. What requirements do you have for finding a good business warehouse?

In order to ensure you have found a good business warehouse, you need to ask yourself what you actually need the space for. Holding stock is the most common answer, of course. However, you must broaden your search even further than this and analyze the amenities any warehouse can offer you. This includes:

  • The layout of the depot – does it suit your needs? Is it adequate for the way you operate?
  • The size of the space – does it provide enough storage? If it is too large, that will result in lots of empty space. Which would be a shame. Or can you strike the precise balance between being full to the brim and nearly empty?
  • The facilities of the storage warehouse – does it have good logistics when it comes to deliveries? Is it accessible for trucks?

2. Location, location, location!

Location is a prime factor when it comes to determining what storage facility to opt for. The site of the warehouse will determine how easy it is for you to distribute and receive goods. Therefore, it is important your storage facility is situated in a location that is convenient for organizing your shipping to Saudi Arabia. This means, if you are a smaller, local business, then it would be best to have a depot somewhere close to your business base. If you are a larger business, good locations will have accessible transport routes, such as railways and motorways based nearby.

3. What is the job market in the area like?

After you have decided what location you want your warehouse to be established in, evaluate the job market in the area. Will you be able to hire all the staff you need? Are you in an area that typically has this type of industry? Because that will increase the chance of you finding skilled and qualified staff.

Men finding a good business warehouse
most of the time it is not as straightforward as simply looking at these characteristics.

Final thoughts

As you can see, a wide variety of factors will influence your search for the most adequate warehouse premises for your business. It is important you really analyze all of them. Overlooking one of these elements can lead to greater costs and losses to your enterprise. For more information on selecting the right warehouse premises, you should contact our team today to set up a site evaluation. With us on your side, you won’t be repeating this process again in the short-term. We will avoid any mishaps through the decisions we agree on now.

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