Guide to shipping exhibition cargo

Hiring reliable and experienced shipping and logistics is very important, especially when it comes to valuable and fragile cargo. The national shipping company of Saudi Arabia is licensed and offers insurance. Shipping exhibition cargo requires careful handling as art pieces must be in pristine condition. Not only do you need to handle it with extra care, but it also requires proper packing. And you need to be particularly careful with logistics. Read on and find out how to handle and ship paintings.

 How to prepare exhibition cargo for shipping

You need to plan and organize the shipment carefully. In order to make everything go smoothly, prepare your artwork in advance. Select the items you need to ship and display. Next, it is important to pack everything properly to avoid any damages during transport. Packing and protecting paintings and sculptures is a must. Use quality packing materials and learn packing techniques. Wrap the artwork or sculpture with bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Before placing it in the box or crate, fill the bottom with peanuts or shredded paper. This will ensure that your artwork doesn’t move during transport. If you are shipping large sculptures, it is best to use wooden crates. If your artwork is very valuable, ask your shipper about extra insurance.

Prepare your sculptures for transport carefully.
When shipping sculptures, it is recommendable to place them in wooden crates and prevent them from moving.

On the other hand, you can hire a KSA company that provides packing services. Well-trained professionals will handle your items with care. They understand the importance and value of your belongings. They will make the shipping process less stressful and save you a lot of time. You will not have to worry about gathering packing materials or packing techniques. Apart from cargo transportation, they can offer logistics services. They can facilitate the customs clearance process. Also, professionals can offer useful advice and provide information about the necessary paperwork.

Hire a reliable shipping company

Your cargo is most vulnerable during transport. Apart from packing and protecting items, you need to select a trustworthy cargo service in Saudi Arabia. Only in this way will you be able to rely on the safe delivery of your exhibition cargo to its final destination. Check specialized moving websites to find companies’ reviews and previously submitted comments. This will give you a clear idea about the quality of service that a particular company provides. Compare the shipping costs and choose the company that fits your budget and meets all your needs.

What to look for in a shipping company?

Choose a freight forwarding company is one of the most important parts of the shipping process. A trustworthy company will ensure the safe delivery of your possessions. There are certain traits that a reliable shipper should have:

  • Your company should have the necessary license and registration. There are many fraudulent companies you should be aware of. Do not risk the safety of your items.
  • Experience in both sea and air freight is crucial. Check whether the company can handle your type of cargo. It should know how to manage fragile items such as art pieces. Specialized and qualified staff is essential in these situations.
  • The shipping company should provide storage space for your cargo. Collecting and storing artwork are crucial parts of this process. Experienced exhibition freight forwarders will coordinate handling, transportation, storing, and display of your pieces.
Hire a reliable shipping company.
When shipping exhibition cargo, it is important to hire a company that has experience in transporting this type of cargo

Deal with the paperwork on time

Shipping cargo internationally includes a lot of paperwork and legislation. Transporting exhibition cargo is no exception. Your items have to go through customs clearance. This is not an easy procedure so hiring a logistics company would be very useful. Experienced international shippers are already familiar with regulations, requirements, and restrictions. These requirements are specific to every country, so you have to be very careful. Choose logistics professionals that are knowledgeable and experienced. Prepare all the necessary documents well ahead and fill in the customs forms. Otherwise, your freight shipment could be rejected or delayed. This would cause additional charges, as cargo would need to be in a storage facility.

Shipping exhibition cargo by air or sea

There are different shipping methods. You can transport goods by air, truck or sea. Your choice will depend on different factors – cost, speed, safety. There are positive and negative aspects of all these methods. If you are shipping cargo on short notice, air transport is the best option. Not only is it the fastest shipping method but also the safest. On the other hand, if you have a big and heavy cargo, such as large sculptures, opt for sea freight. However, you should know that even the most experienced professionals cannot control extreme weather. So, in the case of weather-related issues, your artwork may get damaged or ruined.

Plan your artwork shipment well in advance.
In addition to transporting your artwork, a shipping company can also provide logistics services

In conclusion

Shipping artwork can be a difficult task. Paintings, prints, and sculptures are fragile and delicate. That is why you need to be well prepared when handling and packing such cargo. Whether you are shipping exhibition cargo domestically and internationally, be extra careful. Start by making a solid plan and choosing the pieces that will be exhibited. Next, gather quality packing materials and protect your paintings and sculptures. This is especially important when shipping cargo by sea. There are many hazards that can go along with sea transport.

You can also find a reliable shipping and logistics company to handle your exhibition cargo. They can pack and protect your artwork, as well as organize its transport. Bear in mind that shipping cargo internationally means that you have to deal with customs clearance. This involves preparing the necessary documentation. Also, you need to fill in the forms, understand regulations, etc. Logistics professionals can greatly facilitate this process. Their expertise and experience will prevent any delays and possible issues.

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