Hiring professional fine art movers: Pros & Cons

Moving is a tricky business. There are thousands of things you need to organize, pack and, finally, move. Things get even more complicated if you’re moving items of value. Now, there are even more things you need to worry about and it is hard to imagine where to begin. Sending your goods via sea cargo Jeddah, for instance, is a good starting place. Not only it is one of the major shipping hubs in the kingdom, but it will make hiring professional fine art movers a breeze. Why? Because it is also home to Four Winds – one of the best moving companies in Saudi Arabia.

The PROs of hiring professional fine art movers

When hiring professional fine art movers, we can safely say that the pros heavily outweigh the cons. And here’s why:


Antique painting of people - Hiring professional fine art movers
Fine art items are valuable, and demand handling with extreme care.


  • Evaluation – Trained professionals will evaluate your goods.
  • Moving quote – The moving company will give you an estimated moving cost based on the size, weight, and value of your items.
  • Handling bureaucracy – if you’re shipping fine art out of the country, the moving company will handle the preparation of all the documents and forms needed for Saudi customs clearance.


Fine art is often extremely valuable. Therefore it demands to be handled with maximum care. This means that it requires experienced and trained personnel with the right tools and materials for the job. Adequate packing and pre-transit protection are of the utmost importance. Especially if art pieces are delicate and easily damageable. Proper labeling of packages is also a must. Professional movers have all this in mind and will pay attention to details while preparing your goods for the move.


Your shipment is most vulnerable while in transit and during the loading and unloading process. Moving companies hire trained drivers who know the best and safest routes for delivering your cargo. Not only that – their vehicles are also equipped with adequate climate control, as delicate artwork often needs specific temperature and humidity conditions.

Saving time

The biggest pro of hiring professional fine art movers is that it saves your time. And we all know that time is money. Hiring experts will free up your schedule, so you can focus on other errands. Or, it will simply give you more time to rest and relax before the big move. And, what’s perhaps the most important, it will relieve you a significant amount of stress. And your wellbeing is your biggest treasure.

Pocket watch in the sand
Hiring professional fine art movers will save you precious time

The only CON of hiring professional fine art movers:

After everything mentioned above, it is difficult to find bad sides to hiring professional fine art movers. Although, we might say that there is one: Additional expenses. When hiring a reputable moving company, you can expect moving costs to increase. Depending on the distance and value of your cargo, these costs may become significant. Truth be told, this con brings us to the pros again. Yes, you will spend money, but it will be money well spent.

Ultimately though, is any price too high for your peace of mind?

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