How to save money on storage services

Renting a storage unit is usually not too costly. However, it can easily become expensive if you do not know how to save money on storage services. That is why we have prepared a few tips on how to do it right so that even renting an air conditioned warehouse does not empty your pockets. Luckily there are many good ways to reduce the cost of your storage unit. Here are some suggestions.

How to save money on storage services

There are many good ways to save money on self-storage. Here are the most effective ways to reduce the cost of your storage.

  • Store only the items that you need. Get rid of the rest. This is the most effective way to save money on storage services.
  • Find storage facilities that offer discounts.
  • Compare prices.
  • Negotiate with different storage companies.
  • Use free and recycled packing materials.
  • Pack your items carefully.
  • Avoid storing bulky items in your self-storage
  • If you are moving, talk to your logistic companies in Yanbu and see if they offer some storage discounts.
  • Hire storage that offers free truck
  • Share your storage space
Calculator, a pen, and a paper
Luckily there are many good ways to save money on self-storage

Declutter to save money on storage services

You already know this, bigger storage units cost more. So the most effective way to reduce your storage expenses is to rent a smaller storage unit. But how to rent a smaller unit? Easy, just get rid of the items that you do not need. Decluttering is the most important thing that you need to do before renting storage. It will not only reduce your storage costs but, if you manage to sell your excess stuff, you can even earn some. Of course, the garage sale is the best way to ear the most. However, you can also do it online.

Many storage facilities offer a discount, keep your eyes on that

The good thing is that there are many storage facilities in every urban area in the world. If you go with storage Saudi Arabia, you will certainly find some discounts.  But do your research before you accept their offer. See what other companies are offering. And decide only after you are certain that storage Saudi Arabia is offering the best discounts.

Compare prices before renting a storage unit

Discounts are not the only factor that you should consider. Many storage companies could be cheaper even without a discount. Therefore, before you rush to rent a unit because of the price cut, see what are their full prices. Of course, you will find many different rates. And it is usually depending on how long you commit in the beginning. It is cheaper to rent a unit for a year or two, then to pay on a monthly basis. If you find that everything is too expensive, maybe you should consider pallet racking Saudi Arabia, as a way to store your items.

Calculator and a pen
Compare prices before you decide

Negotiate with storage companies to save money on storage services

Once you acquire quotes from different storage facilities, you will have the power of negotiation in your hands. Naturally, some companies have strict pricing policies, some will be opened for negotiation. Especially in Saudi Arabia. Ask around, you will find that this could be a surprisingly good way to save money on storage services.

Do not waste money on expensive packing supplies. Use free or recycled cardboard boxes to pack your stuff

One of the hidden storage costs is your packing supplies. Of course, it is important to pack and protect your items thoroughly. Especially for long-term storage. However, if your storage facility does not have issues with moisture or pests, you go easily go with used or recycled packing solutions. Find free cardboard boxes at your local grocery store and avoid paying for packing materials completely.

Think about how to pack. Smart packing could save you a lot of money

As mentioned above, a good way to save money on this is to rent a smaller storage unit. But how to reduce the size of your inventory if you already removed all unnecessary items? With smart packing, of course. Make sure that you pack your items tightly and you will see how well packed items need much less space. Use this as a way to reduce storage costs.

Avoid storing bulky items in your storage unit.

Another smart thing, regarding storage space, is to avoid filling your unit with bulky items. Furniture is the usual suspect in this situation.  If you can, find a place in your home to keep it, or go to your local used furniture retailer and sell it. This will allow you to rent a smaller unit and you will even make money.

Some moving companies will offer a discount if you use their other services

If you are in the middle of your move, try to find moving companies with available storage services. Those companies usually offer a storage discount if you are using their moving services. So pay attention to that when searching for movers.

Truck on the road
If you have many items, you will have to pay for transport as well.

Save money on transporting your items

Have you ever thought about how will you transport your items to the storage facility? Of course, if you have a few items, your car might be sufficient. However, if you have so many items that you need a whole truck, you will also have to pay for transport. Luckily there are companies on the market that are offering free transport services if you rent their storage units. Keep that in mind too.

Sharing a unit is a good way to save money on storage services

Finally, a good way to save money on storage services is to share storage space. Find friends or relatives that have storage needs and offer them to share a unit and expenses. Surely you will find someone interested.

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