How Early in Advance Should You Start Planning Your International Relocation

A good relocation is a well-planned one. That goes for every type of relocation-local, long-distance, international relocation, etc. However, there is a big difference between short and long relocations, especially when it comes to planning everything. If you are moving far away, you will need more time to prepare yourself and your belongings. But when should you start to prepare? It depends on many factors. But, there are some universal tips for you to prepare when you start planning your international relocation, and movers in Jeddah are here to explain them to you!

How early in advance should you start planning your international relocation?

More and more people are relocating each year. Since international relocation is a long and complex process, you will need to finish many things. That’s why international movers Jeddah advise you to start planning your move at least 12-16 months in advance. You will need to save up for your relocation since you cannot move without good savings. Moreover, saving enough money can take even more than a year. That’s why starting early is a key to a successful relocation. Other things you will need to finish are:

  • Applying for documentation
  • Decluttering and packing
  • Finding a new place
An airplane
Getting your documentation might take months. That is why planning a relocation in advance is key to a successful relocation.

Applying for documentation before relocating

More and more people are relocating internationally each year. That is why embassies are overworked and there is a long waiting list. For some countries, you will only need a working visa. For some, you will need medical reports, visas, background checks, bank reports, etc. Getting these documents might take months. That’s why moving companies in Jubail advise you to apply for them as soon as you decide to move. The best scenario is to apply for visas 8-10 months before the moving date. While you wait for your documentation, you can do other moving tasks. Additionally, if you need to know a specific language to move to a certain country, you will be able to learn the basics in 8 months, regardless of how slow you learn.

Decluttering and packing – planning your international relocation

Decluttering and using relocation services Saudi Arabia probably won’t be on your mind when you start planning your international relocation. Most people are worried about getting their documentation approved and finding a new home, or selling their old home. However, packing and decluttering is still important moving task. If you have a big house and a big family, you should start packing at least 3 months in advance. It’s much better to do it every day in small steps than to do everything in two weeks. Decluttering will help you get rid of unwanted items. If you want to sell them, you will also need time to make a garage sale, or to put them on the internet.

A person writting down a plan
Overall, you need at least a year of preparation to start planning your international relocation.

Finding a new place before you relocate internationally

Finding a new home and deciding what to do with your old home will take time. Since you are moving to a different country, it’s advisable to find a home in advance than to search for it after the move. That way, you will at least have a roof over your head. As for your old home, you can sell it, rent it, or give it to someone to take care of it. Whichever option you opt for, you will need to think it through since that is not an easy decision. There are also many things you need to do before moving, and they all require time. That is why you need at least 12 months to start planning your international relocation.

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