How has coronavirus affected life in KSA?

Coronavirus has impacted our daily lives, many businesses, industries, education system, etc. Just like the rest of the world, Saudi Arabia is gradually getting accustomed to a new way of life. The implementation of strict measures, which included cancelation of religious, entertainment, and sporting gatherings was necessary to stop the transmission of COVID-19. Relocation services in Saudi Arabia also felt the impact of the pandemic. Read on and find out how has coronavirus affected life in KSA.

KSA had to postpone all religious gatherings

Religion is a major pillar of Saudi society. The two holiest cities in the Islamic religion, Mecca and Medina, are located in KSA. Hajj and Umrah are religious pilgrimages to Mecca, which gather millions of pilgrims from over 180 different countries. However, this year, the kingdom has decided to limit the pilgrimage to no more than 1000 people, in order to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. Also, due to social distancing, it is recommended that Saudis avoid visiting mosques and to pray at home during these uncertain times.

Religious gathering in Mecca.
KSA postponed all religious gathering in order to stop the spread of coronavirus

Lifestyle changes during the pandemic

The spread of coronavirus has led to the suspension of sporting activities, celebrations, closure of cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, etc. Saudis practice eating out a lot so these measures greatly affected the KSA lifestyle and routines. Once office buildings closed, people started working from home. There were no more business trips and hotel accommodations but teleconferencing and virtual meetings.

Education system

The lockdown in KSA began in late February. The majority of schools went into an online teaching format. In this way, students were able to keep up with the curriculum from home. But, they were unable to socialize with their friends and attend classes. This could affect their motivation, maybe they didn’t take learning seriously because they weren’t physically present at school. As you can see, coronavirus has affected life in KSA as well as its education system.

Children have to wear masks to school.
Schools have had to adapt to new conditions. They introduced new procedures and safety measures. Wearing a mask at all times is obligatory for students and staff

COVID-19 affected many businesses and industries

Not only has coronavirus affected life in KSA but it had a major impact on the economy as well. The moving industry is one of the businesses that had to adapt to new conditions quickly. The pandemic has directly affected packers and movers in Saudi Arabia. Lockdowns and border closures restricted the movement of goods. Also, companies have had to comply with new protocols – social distancing, disinfection of work areas, provide professional gear, etc.

Movers and packers Dammam have adapted to new safety protocols. They provide virtual quotes instead of in-house estimates, they keep the distance at warehouses and wear masks and gloves at all times. Moving trucks and storage units are cleaned and sanitized regularly, before and after the move.

It is obvious that COVID-19 has affected life in KSA to a considerable extent. It has influenced businesses around the world. The moving industry has also had to comply with new measures and regulations in order to protect both staff and customers’ health.

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