How International Moving Companies Calculate Moving Cost?

International relocation and local one can’t cost the same. It’s the same situation as if you travel locally to vacation or on another continent. You will have to pay more for international travel just like for an international move. However, everyone knows that international move is expensive, but rarely does anyone knows how to calculate moving cost besides international movers Jeddah. So that you don’t have to fearfully anticipate for a moving company to calculate the cost of your relocation, here are a few ways how to figure out your moving cost. 

How to calculate moving costs? 

An international move can cost from $20 000 to $60 000 depending on many factors. The professional movers will cost somewhere between $2000 up to $12 000 depending on what kind of moving service you choose. However, international relocation is probably the hardest type of relocation and you shouldn’t prepare for it without relocation services Saudi Arabia. You will have to spend a considerable amount of money, so there isn’t a good reason to avoid hiring a moving company.

to cropped persons want to calculate moving costs
Don’t rely only on basic moving insurance

Other factors that determine a moving cost are the following: 

  • Moving insurance 
  • The size of your belongings 
  • Plane ticket 
  • Storage 
  • Customs and import taxes 
  • Visas and immigration fees 
  • Pet transportation 

Should you get moving insurance? 

Most moving companies offer basic moving insurance, but that insurance is not enough for international relocation. Basic moving insurance only covers 60 cents per pound of damaged items which means you will lose a lot of money. For this reason, you should get additional moving insurance when you are moving with movers in Jeddah. Usually, you will have to pay about 1% of the value of your belongings. This is usually a couple of hundred dollars more to pay which is not much when you get better insurance.  

Customs and import taxes also belong to the moving cost 

As you are moving into a completely different country, you will have to pay customs and import taxes. These taxes will depend on a specific country. For example, if you are moving to the USA with moving companies in Jubail, you will need to pay from 0 to 37,5%, but average rates are around 5,63%. Some items are not subject to duty such as electronic items, and antique items older than 100 years. But you make sure to check with customer service of a specific country. 

You also have to think about visas and immigration fees 

You can’t move to most countries without a proper visa. Additionally, you will have to pay immigration and visa fees. Like customs fees, immigration fees will also differ in different countries. For example, US visa fees will depend on a couple of factors such as are you a student, a temporary worker, etc. 

brown passport and red small airplane
When you want to calculate moving costs, you also should include visa and immigration fees

The size of your belongings 

The size of belongings plays a big role in the moving cost of any type of relocation. For this reason, when you want to calculate moving costs, you should take the size of your belongings into consideration. If you want to lower your moving cost, then you should declutter some of your items.  

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