How long does customs clearance take-explained

To most of us, this term sounds a bit difficult and boring. However, it is a necessary procedure before we are able to import or export goods. So, let’s explain how long does customs clearance take in general. Almost in all countries, it takes around 24 hours.  Recently, the customs clearance process in Saudi Arabia also became easier. The process is about clearing a shipment. The shipper provides documentation confirming customs duties already paid-step 1. Step 2 is that now shipment can be processed. Saudi Arabia has an awesome location to start with. The Red Sea makes it very desirable for all sorts of businesses. In addition, the new liberal and progressive Saudi government, is making a real effort. They are trying that Saudi Arabia stays a logistics hub for three continents – Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Importance of customs clearance and how long it takes

First and foremost, if you move to Saudi Arabia you need to hire a reliable and professional moving company. It is better for you to hire experts on custom clearance and freight forwarding in Saudi Arabia. Types of customs clearance can be export, import, and international. You are going to need information on complex administrative needs. In addition, you are going to need some tips on avoiding unnecessary costs. The company that you hire should also deal with all the paperwork of course. Roughly, we can divide this process into four steps:

Cargo ship
It is very important how long custom clearance process will last and that is why it is important to understand the process
  • paperwork verification
  • custom officers’ checks and assessment
  • payment requests for taxes and duties if necessary
  • releasing the shipment-the end process

Paperwork verification

Dealing with paperwork can be exhausting and boring. It is especially demanding when you move to another country. That is why it is important to hire professionals such as some of the top logistics companies in Jubail to make your life a lot easier. A customs officer’s job is to verify that the paperwork completed for shipments is in order and all set. Commercial invoices are a must for international shipments. When the paperwork is verified, the document will list a shipper and contact information of the receiver. The shipment also needs to include the export date. In addition, the airway bill number needs to be there also. All documents must be accurate and complete. Especially the shipping label and commercial invoice must be precise. It is a lot to think of for sure. That is why choosing a well-experienced company is essential.

Custom clearance paperwork
Custom clearance paperwork is not so easy to understand and that is why hiring a professional agency can be good for you

Custom officers’ checks and assessment- how long does customs clearance take- the crucial stage

A customs officer will check what fees may be applied to your shipment. So, how long does customs clearance take is mostly about this stage. They check that based on the type of goods,  laws of the importing country, and the value of the goods. Sometimes the value of goods is bigger than the country’s tax limitations. Then, the officer will check to see if taxes and duties have been paid, set, and arranged. So, if you move to another country make sure to find some great logistics services international so that you can avoid potential issues in the future.  Let’s explain the process simply. We need to understand the minimum taxable threshold for imported goods. For instance, a de minimus value of $50 means goods valued at $50 or less incur no import duties. The number of goods, and their weight and value is also essential.

Cargo ship in the port
Checkpoint and assessment protocol usually lasts up to 24 hours, but sometimes can be longer

Payment requests for taxes and duties if necessary

One option is DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) and the other is DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). So, if they mark a shipment as DDP, then a payment of taxes and duties is ok. It is great when the price for this service is fixed. You have that when you pay for a label. However, custom clearance process can be expensive as brokers are independent and charge different fees. So, how long the custom clearance process may take depends a bit on the happenings in this stage. Most express shipper services have customs brokers who will process this payment instead of you at customs. With DDP, the price covers any import fees, and this is visible on the attached shipping label. In the other case, the customs officer communicates with an independent customs broker to collect the required remaining amount.

Releasing the shipment

When customs clearance is complete, your chosen moving company transports the shipment from customs to the end destination. To be honest, shipments rarely wait long at customs. Usually, when they do, it is because of bad paperwork. The minute taxes and duties are paid, customs are releasing the shipment. However, import duties can be very expensive. So, research online on some legal ways to minimize import duties to make it easier on yourself. We all know that they can last around 24 hours. However, sometimes the process may last longer and that is why you need to be prepared. Typically, the customs clearance process can even take less than 24 hours, however, there are times where it can take a couple of days and even weeks for goods to be inspected.

In conclusion, when moving to another country we need to think about a lot of things. We need to plan everything in detail. Also, we need to be ready for something that we did not plan at all. Besides having a clear head, we also need to hire a very experienced and professional moving company. The company should take care of our needs. We live in very stressful times and we need all the help we can get. The customs clearance process is a very challenging process. That is why we cannot do it by ourselves. So, be careful and choose wisely.

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