Import duties and taxes in Bahrain

Whether you intend on moving to Bahrain or shipping and importing items, you must know all about the import duties and taxes in Bahrain. You are maybe already familiar with the topic but we must cover it to make sure you won’t hurt your budget due to the lack of knowledge and information. Also, in case you are moving in, we will quickly cover the moving logistics and help you find one of the logistics companies in Saudi Arabia. Let us begin.

What are the import duties and taxes in Bahrain?

To put it in layman’s terms, one company or individual will ship the goods to Bahrain via the shipping company. Then, the laws to import duties and taxes in Bahrain will apply and your cargo will reach customs clearing agents in Bahrain. After the evaluation, your cargo will reach its final destination. Of course, you will pay the import tariff according to the nature of the items you are importing. Simple as that.

cargo containers on the dock
All imported goods have an import tax. You must understand how it works before you ship anything.

You must know how to calculate import tariffs

The topic of import duties and taxes in Bahrain is not so complicated but there are many categories for different items you are importing. Depending on the item and the category, your tax can vary between 0% and 125%. In some cases even more, if items are dangerous or do not fall into any category. Hence, you must know the basic ones at least. Check the following:

  • Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Food products
  • Medicine

As we said, there are hundreds of categories and if you intend on importing or moving in with certain items, you must check beforehand. Ensure those items are on the list of approved goods. And of course, if you are moving to Bahrain and using moving services Saudi Arabia, your movers can advise on the nature of items you are bringing and help out a bit. Just remember to ask.

What are the common ratings of import duties and taxes in Bahrain?

As we mentioned before, some items are exempt and free of charge. And some go all the way up to 125% import tax. So, before you import anything, check the main categories. Duty exemptions are mostly food and medical products as well as some supplements. But because this category is so vast, you should check the list of more than 400 items to confirm if your products are duty exempt. Then, we have a small 5% import duty for all accessories and miscellaneous items. Finally, 100% import tax is on tobacco and 125% on alcoholic beverages. Those are the 4 main categories you should worry about.

make sure you understand import duties and taxes in Bahrain
Ensure you understand taxes and rates to keep your budget intact.

Are you ready to ship your cargo?

All in all, you must check online the exact product and the category it falls into. After a few minutes and a bit of math, you’ll know how much you must set aside to cover those costs. The rest should go to one of the moving companies in Jeddah. Remember to use moving services because movers have all the tools, permits, and knowledge to get you, your family, and your cargo to the destination safely. Therefore, find your movers online, browse through the services, and compare prices.

Once you have a company in mind, give them a call and work on the moving details. Also, create a moving inventory list and a moving checklist to stay on track with all your goods and your personal belongings. Moreover, your movers might need your inventory list to better prepare the shipment.

Now you know more about import duties and taxes in Bahrain. As you can see, you will easily calculate your importing price now when you know how to find the category your items are in. Ensure to check this before you make any arrangements. Good luck!

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